Sine Die and Cultivating Authentic Cool

Whatever happened to those kids in high school who had their faces buried in their sketchbooks or stared out the window when everyone else was pretending to listen and care? Cue up John Hughes and The Breakfast Club. Sine Die wasn’t one of those kids. But they weren’t part of the poseur (it’s French after all) posse or the emo crew. They just did their thing then, do it now and are getting a serious groove on that will move you to get some of these get-ups on.

Artists & Flea: What’s the story behind your collection?
Sine Die: I don’t really consider what I do a collection because  my pieces are all one – of- a -kind and ongoing. Meaning sometimes I begin a piece in 2004 and  finished it yesterday.

A&F: What does sine die mean?
Sine Die: I found sine die in an old dictionary. It’s a Latin phrase meaning to meet again without setting a time or place. It sounded romantic and beautiful to me considering how many people we encounter in our lives and how difficult it becomes to eventually let them go.

A&F: When you’re not designing, what do you do?
Sine Die: Daydream. A lot.

sine-die-beetleA&F: If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
Sine Die: Jesus or John Lennon. Jesus because he’s Jesus. John Lennon because we share the same birthday October 9 and I understand the whole Imagine / nutopia thing.

A&F: Happy birthday! Holy crap, you spent your birthday with us!
Sine Die: The day has 24 hours. I got to spend 8 of them with some really warm artists at the market doing their thing.

We like people who do their own thing. A lot. See Sine Die and a lot more folks doing their own thing this weekend at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg or track them down on the Interweb so you can read their stories and come and see them in the flesh on their birthdays or just another random day in the life of our smalltown big neighborhood community hangout.

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