A Wanderlust for Vintage

Sometimes a name really can say it all. Safija Hakaj (pronounced Saphia) and Senaida Gjokaj’s Wanderlust Vintage does just that, bringing treasures from their travels back to Brooklyn to create their own mini vintage emporium.

Hakaj, a native of LA, moved East to cut her teeth in the world of fashion merchandising and retail but vintage was always her passion. And not just vintage but precious moments she marked through time to create a constellation of her vintage obsession and the pieces that she covets and has in her pop-up shop at the market: 1970s French designer vests, dresses and haulter tops (think Woodstock), classic rompers and jump suits (think Studio54) and the ever-popular maxi skirt. Her latest object of desire? A vintage Diane Von Furstenberg suit she’s been proudly showing on Etsy.


True to its name and California roots, Wanderlust’s Hakaj recently started selling her own handmade necklaces made from old leather and suede skirts and pants and jackets that she salvaged from their fates as “ugly 1980s stuff,” priced at $20-$60. Says Hakaj, “I tell people that used to be a skirt or pants that you’re wearing around your neck.” Upcycling at its best. Each item with a story and a place.

Get your hands on some of Wanderlust Vintage’s coast-to-coast treasures this weekend at Artists & Fleas. They are currently occupying the upstairs loft – on your left upon entering. Journey inside Saturday & Sunday, 10am-7pm.


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