Brooklyn Markets & the Creative Commerce Class

The alt retail movement is getting another serious notch in its belt with the opening of Dekalb Market – brought to the Brooklyn borough by the heavy hitting Urban Space team, known for their international market prowess. There’s been quite a bit of press, hype and eager anticipation about the arrival of the market. And it may very well lead to a new walking tour empire exclusively focused on neighborhoods and markets (start in Downtown Brooklyn, jump to Fulton Ferry’s New Amsterdam Market, score the 3-stop East River Ferry ride to Williamsburg to take in 3 markets in one square block between us, Brooklyn Flea and the Northside Market kids).

Markets are popping up everywhere. And the trend doesn’t seem to show any signs of stopping. We’ve seen it firsthand over the past couple of years with vendors of the Hester Street Fair, the Market NYC and Brooklyn Flea working multiple markets to make the most out of the different crowds, neighborhoods and opportunities each market affords. While the future of markets and pop-up shops is still unwritten, one thing seems to be clear: there is a new phase of indie entrepreneur that is more buttoned up, super street smart and savvy in the art of storytelling their business as they work the food and flea and artisan scene across the City. Has the creative class become the new creative commerce class?



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