Just Grillin': 3 Burger Tips for Your 4th of July

A departure of sorts from our traditional Friday dispatch featuring newbies (this week’s include some colorful collections care of Albertini Addiction and ShanideCleo) in honor of the holiday weekend.

We’re lucky to have grillmaster Dan Petersen whose That Burger Tent has graced us with his fine Pat LaFrieda blend of beef and killer portobello burgers since the start of the Spring. This is Dan’s holiday. We asked him for his 3 tips for successful barbecuing this weekend.

  1. Medium rare is king [We love the thumb-to-index finger trick to check the temperature of your meat]
  2. Splurge on good meat cause the best of a burger isn’t in the toppings, it’s the burger itself
  3. Let That Burger Tent take care of your grilling needs

While Dan is not making a special 4th of July BBQ blend (not this year, at least), drop in and get a taste Saturday and Sunday. Or invite yourself to the burger man’s backyard BBQ and see how the magic happens.


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