Snacking & Jamming with the Jam Stand

The Jam Stand first set up shop with us in Brooklyn late this Spring with their wit, whimsy and vivacious spreads and personalities and haven’t had a spare second to turn back. The dynamic duo behind the brand is Sabrina and Jessica, 2 long-time college friends and marketers whose travels and home-stays in South and Central America turned them on to the wild world of jams and spreads. Like many a savvy food artisan these days, they schooled themselves in the science of preserves and took their marketing know-how to the markets where they have since built a loyal following working the Hester Street Fair on Saturdays and holding court by us in Williamsburg on Sundays. Here’s what goes into the mix:

What was your first jam? The first batch we made was grape. You have to peel every grape by hand. After that first batch, we realized we would never make grape jelly again. But out of it came our motto: “…because there’s so much more than grape jelly.”

You guys have some wild and fresh flavors – how do you come up with them? A lot of our jamming is about flavor experimentation and getting feedback directly from customers at the markets. They’ll ask us if we have something with a bit of bacon or fig and that gets us back to the kitchen to jam it up.

Is there ever an end to the puns and the jam jokes? One of the things we love is the marketing and fun of it – the jam puns can go on forever and people will come and make a pun of their own and we’ll crack up and say “we love that one! can we use it ourselves?”


What’s your relationship like with your customers? We have jam sessions where people will come and hang out with us, we’ll snap their photos and post them on our Facebook page. The feedback and interaction we have with customers and friends at the markets is invaluable and makes jamming an experience.

What’s next for you guys? We are looking into the possibility of a storefront…we have this dream of having a jamstand store where we can continue to interact with customers and people interested in the whole jam-making experience. Right now, it’s all about natural growth and seeing where the markets take us.

Check out the Jam Stand weekly at Artists & Fleas. Make sure to follow their exploits on their Twitter page to find out their flavors and schedule.



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