Breaking Bad with Marz Jr, Brooklyn Illustrator & Pop Culture Fiend

Nestled neatly between IKEA and Etsy wall-hangings in this week’s Time Out NY Home Design issue is Goonies Chuck and the Water Cooler [above], an original illustration by Jason Marzloff, aka Marz Jr, a Greenpoint graphic artist and Sunday market regular. Fresh off his showing at last weekend’s ComicCon, we got a glimpse into Jason’s psyche, his growing portfolio and upcoming additions and goings-on to his icon-inspired oeuvre.

Marz Jr: I’ve always loved to tell stories. As a kid, I’d buy Marvel and DC Comics. After studying sequential design – which is a fancy term for comic books – I worked at a studio coloring comics and eventually got into this.

Artists & Fleas: A lot of your illustrations are references to pop culture icons of the 1980s and 1990s. What are some of your favorites? I grew up loving The Goonies, Ghostbusters, Neverending Story and even some horror movies – the Nightmare on Elm Street and Alien series. The paintings are often visual triggers for people as far as a nostalgic moment or a memory. People look through them at the market and they smile or nudge their friend and say “Hey, remember this!”

Artists & FleasWhen people ask you, how do you define your style? It’s almost naive, like a kid’s drawing – like when you may have had a drawing in your notebook in school sitting in the back of a boring history class. I use acrylic paint and a paint marker which makes for rich, deep colors that pop.

Artists & FleasWhat are the new cultural icons that excite you? I’m working on a series of cars from Breaking Bad - Walt’s Pontiac mini-van, Jesse’s muscle car and his crappy Toyota. The idea being that these objects are recognizable even when the show is really about the people.

Artists & FleasWhat’s in the works for the next couple of months? I’m getting prints made, ready-made and framed and finished art for people to take home and put up on their walls. I’m working on a few prints in homage to Revenge of the Nerds and Star Wars. And I’ve got a group show coming up in November in Venice (California) at Gallery 1988 in a pop culture show called “Post No Bills”, a tribute to Bill Murray. It opens November 3rd if anyone is in LA.

We are geeked about Jason’s tribute to Breaking Bad. To get a sneak peek and to keep in touch with the man behind the markers, find him on Facebook and Etsy and at Artists & Fleas on Sundays throughout the Fall and Holidays.


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