Thank You, 8 Years Later

On the eve of what inevitably becomes a start to the mad dash finish of the holidays, we wanted to say thanks for an awesomely exciting adventure.

We started this journey on November 23, 2003 — 8 years ago today.

We loved markets. We loved stuff. But more importantly, we loved and longed for a community place where we could bring together the whole creative class that we knew – some as friends, many more as friends eventually – came to New York to make it happen. Much has changed since we got the keys to that warehouse on North 6th Street in Williamsburg. Etsy. Williamsburg. Brand Brooklyn. DIY and self-made artists as business people. The rise of the web and the subtle backlash to living online that is now IRL (in real life).

One thing has not changed: people come to the market the same way they come to New York – to stake out a dream, to make something, to tell a story, to sell something, to take a chance and make something happen. There are literally thousands of those stories we can recall after 8 years. The 28 year old musician who was beat from the road and turned a drawing hobby into a thriving buusiness. A vintage collector who turned the timing of a neighborhood in transition to become an icon in the vintage scene and a trusted friend to stylists and designers on everyone’s A list. 2 brothers pursuing their bean to bar chocolate dream and keeping it local. The painter with the piece commissioned by an up and coming collector.

The stories grow every weekend. And our biggest thrill as storytellers is to bring more and more of them to the market to be discovered. It is, after all, what makes the market a market and it’s what makes our little piece of Williamsburg Brooklyn a piece like no other.

Thanks for 8 great ones. Here’s to many more stories together.