Makin’ It: Po_i Custom Shirts

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Po_i Custom Made shirts and moreThe made-to-order bug has totally caught us and that’s a good thing. There’s nothing more satisfying than having the chance to work with a designer to completely create and design your own ____ (shirt, dress, frock, smock or tie). Po_i is new on the Brooklyn scene but far from new on the make-your-own design scene. Led by Wanju Lisa Wu, Po_i is a different kind of design company: they’re a group of talented, fashion forward tailors who’ve successfully been creating customized, made-to-order shirts for their thousands of fans from their 2-year old shop and studio in Taiwan.

Lucky for us, they’ve brought the magic to Brooklyn.

Their style? Bold and a bit quirky. Their attention to detail? Impeccable. Wanju and her crew prize both comfort and character in each piece they create. At $55 for a basic custom design, this is the kind of bespoke tailoring that New York Magazine warned you is happening in the borough of Brooklyn. Made in Brooklyn just took on a whole new power and potency.

Follow Po_i on Facebook and check out the goods this coming weekend in Williamsburg.

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    shirts for their thousands of fans from their 2-year old shop and studio in Taiwan.

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