Your Weekend in 3 Easy Pieces: What’s New From Who

gypsy-nation-vintageThis week we’re taking a departure from the normal preview of What’s New From Who and giving you a little eye candy teaser of what you might find when you step out of the muggy hot heat and into the cooler climes – in all senses of the word – on North 7th Street. A little portfolio of hipness to beat the heat and give you what your Summer Friday self wants: eye candy pure and simple.

Want some high-impact good graphic design in your life? Boom. You got it. Emtee’s Mariko Iguchi has it mastered masterfully (check out her take of the good old stars & stripes, below) as does Meera Lee Patel of the eponymous Meera Lee Illustration, textile designer and creator of original illustrations, archival prints, greeting cards, hand-sewn journals and ‘zines, along with silk-screened tea towels and tote bags (below).

emtee-t-shirt Meera-Lee-Patel-iphone-caseSKINNYFATTIES is not your dad’s tie-running outfit. It’s a new gig from designer Joshua Adam Brueckner who tailors vintage ties and turns them into trendy pieces of modern-day menswear. Spruce up your look this Sunday.

When not tag-teaming and running their vintage outfit, Martha Camarillo of Gypsy Nation Vintage and Daniel Martinez of Black Kat Vintage, hit the books to develop new looks inspired by retro tones and moods for their joint venture M2DF (lead photo above). They’re bringing sexy back.







  1. Smercer725 says

    Hey fb friends check out Josh’s new adventure. He is taking men’s “fat” neckties and tailoring or recycling them down to “skinny” ties. He calls his newfound art Skinny Fatties. He will be selling them at the “Arts & Fleas” show in Brooklyn,NY. On Sunday. Please wish him well.

  2. festival vendor says

    This is definitely some tasty eye candy. They certainly are bringing sexy back and I wish I had the figure to wear that hot outfit. I remember having a cat suit in black like that in the eighties, when I was in shape for it. I love the cutouts; it makes it even more of an outfit for the ultimate temptress.

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