American Made Summer – Part 2

Artists-and-RevolutionariesArtists & Revolutionaries is many things to many people. Incredibly wearable, comfortable clothing, handbags and accessories made of repurposed leather and linen, the brand captures the critical notes of comfort and style for urban living. The master-mind behind the brand, which is now in it’s third year and its second year at Artists & Fleas, is John Michael. Forget about the fact that he studied at Parsons and then in Paris. What you need to know about this brand is that it’s eco-friendly and completely American Made.

I’m not going to blow up any one’s spot, but John Michael uses repurposed leather, cashmere and organic cotton, which he sources from a variety of places. I had the pleasure of tagging along earlier this month and it’s truly an experience. Don’t think of it as anything other than taking surplus fabric and recreating it in amazing shapes and styles that work on just about anyone.

John works out of his home studio in Hudson, NY with a small team of artisans. They hand dye and hand sew all the tops, pants, skirts and dresses. Since he works with small lots of fabric, all the pieces are limited production and many are literally one of a kind. Find Artists & Revolutionaries online and in person every weekend at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg.