American Made Summer – Part 1

American-Made-BrooklynThe hype machine is alive and well. When it comes to all things “made in the USA,” the where of it all is usually a lot more complex. Beginning today and continuing through Labor Day, A&F’s BrooklynMarket Manager and Bushwick denizen Molly Cronin (@mollsrawks) reflects and opines on what she’s seeing at the market under the theme of “American Made” — true American made, often hand built here in NYC.

It’s almost summer. An American summer. BBQs and picnics. Beach and sun. Here at Artists & Fleas we are going to celebrate the only way we know how – by showcasing original designers. These are the clothes for your Brooklyn summer.

I’m constantly blown away by the original design at the market. Trend-casters, take note. This is where experimentation and innovation lives. It’s a petri dish for the fashion-forward. This Memorial Day weekend brings Michael Calloway (Vamps), Joann Berman and John Michael (Artists & Revolutionaries) and their derring-do. All of these amazing creators are making pieces on a small scale. True American makers bringing creativity and craft to the public.

Join us this holiday weekend as we showcase these 3 designers.