All Roads Lead to Brooklyn

geri-poupetteThis weekend has many well-rested travelers return to where it all began from them after months or even years on the road. Let’s call it: bringing the band back together. A few exciting and notable returns and welcome backs…

It’s no secret. We dig the whole boho, gypsy, Romany thing. So we’re thrilled when Poupette’s Geri Roucaute (pictured above) makes her return this weekend from 6 months traveling the world and sharing her tales and treasures. It’s a little of what makes the vicarious life worth living…if you’re not able to escape, you can pick up a piece that will take you there. Saturday & Sunday

Mike Stock is StockBoy Designs, a graphic design and apparel line that fuses science, nature and a dash of whimsy into an otherwise inspiring recipe that feels part pop art, part street fashion. Mike first set up shop with us back in 2006 on North 6th Street and has since been running shows around the NorthEast with his designs. He brings it back where it all began this weekend. Saturday & Sunday

A&F is a lot of things to a lot of people and for Tracie Howarth, founder and co-owner of Brooklyn DIY and Jewelry supply mecca Brooklyn Charm, it was a place to cut her teeth on what the neighborhood wanted to buy before jumping into full-fledged retail. Well, she’s back this Sunday for another dose of market madness in Williamsburg. Check out the earring and ring stand she and her crew are bringing to the show. Huzzah! Sunday only