All the Colors of the Rainbow

camelo-pardus-prints-bikiniSummer is here. School is out. July 4th is near. And Pride comes to NYC this weekend. Both markets in Williamsburg and Chelsea are celebrating Summer and flying high from the snazzy market and neighborhood video tour the New York Times shot of A&F market maestro telling the market story over the years (fancy, eh?). But on with the show…

First, a shout-out to many folks who’ve shown recently and return for a lovely weekend including Nadia Dayan of Camelo Pardus (pictured), Leila Khoury of LVK, Heavens Devilz and Into The Forest just to name a few. See. Them. Now.

Yellow is Miss Jessica Lee Gouws’ Williamsburg-walk-inspired, South Africa-based wicked project creating one-of-a-kind necklaces from objects lost and found such as spoons, Coca Cola bottle tops, motorcycle parts, vintage cameras and animals. They’re kind of like charm necklaces for the urban voyager and we dig them. Saturday & Sunday

Red comes to the market from Donatella Wilson-Quintavalle with a carefully curated collection of vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories mixed in with the designer’s own original looks. It’s an off-shoot of her East Village lab for design and this weekend marks a voyage to Brooklyn for some of that style. Saturday & Sunday

Manhattan market mavens will recognize umsteigen’s distinct design sensibility right away — designer Susanne Schubert has been a fixture at shows for years and her A&F connection goes back to the early days of the market. Saturday & Sunday

Who doesn’t love a fun brand collab? SheePoo is Tracey Lin and Fanfan Yang’s reunion project – 2 childhood friends from China reconnecting years later to work their magic. In this case: a jewelry extravaganza made from modeling clay, Swarovski crystals and beads with inspirations taken from human anatomy and fantasies. Can we say yowzers!?!? Saturday & Sunday

FELTbyNidhi is designer Nidhi Patel’s remix of Western styles with Eastern stones and matter. Nidhi works a variety of semi-precious stones into her mix of original, hand-made jewelry pieces that are nothing short of statement pieces for today’s fearless and fiery woman around town. Saturday only

Curiosity- and vintage-seekers will be satisfied by newbies (at least to us) coming to show, including PuppetFluff – the name should say it all to you but let your imagination come out to play and see for itself, Lazy Cat Cut Coins – cut coins and medallions turned into objects of wearable art, Creative Letter Art - art themed photography collage using words and wordplay and Henson Vintage - fabulous finds from the 1940s to 1980s.

This is the last weekend for a number of our wonderful sellers at Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market so jump on the L train and check them out inside Chelsea Market, directly below the High Line.