Puppies, beer and butterflies – all in DTLA this weekend!

a&F laWe’ve got so much going down, downtown.

In addition to our lineup of outstanding merch from makers, designers, vintage collectors and food folks, there’ll be a number of events happening at Artists & Fleas in DTLA that will keep the whole family happy (and cool) throughout the weekend.

Pooch fans and puppy lovers couldn’t get enough of our #CutestPupinthePool contest earlier this Summer in Brooklyn so this time we’re doing it West Coast style. It’s fun, friendly and a wicked way to get some stellar pix of your pooch and score some swag from Kriser’s for the winning-est puppy in town. That’ll be going down Sat & Sun @ 2pm.

After you and your pooch compete, bask in your winning glory at the Angel City Brewery beer garden organized in conjunction with ArtShareLA (SAT only), pick up some fresh veggies at Farm Fresh to You, or flip through a new fave read at the Brooklyn Puppies in the poolLA Library Foundation’s mobile shop. Plus there’ll be live poetry-writing, a DIY butterfly preservation workshop, live dj sets both days, and so much more.

When: 11am – 6pm on Saturday, September 20th and Sunday, September 21st

Where: Artists & Fleas LA at 647 Mateo Street

What: And incredible offering of makers, designers, vintage collectors and food folks from all across LA and beyond. Plus a puppy contest, beer garden, live dj sets, and so many fun activities for the whole family throughout the weekend.

Let us know we’ll see you there by RSVP’ing to the FB event here!

Do it Hand Made

Artists and Fleas on the L TrainRide the rails (the L, G, A, C, E to name a few) and you’ve undoubtedly seen the latest work of Bushwick-based artist, graphic designer and master sign painter Travis Simon. We’ve been working with Travis for years and he recently crushed the latest project: an extensive NYC MTA system-wide subway platform campaign for the market (click here for smashing pics!). Travis is committed to the art of true handmade hand-lettered sign and design – a technique that ruled all forms of advertising back in the day in NYC and elsewhere and a form that has had an amazing resurgence the past decade as people have realized that there’s nothing quite like doing it the hand-made way. Look no further than Williamsburg neighbors SkyHigh Murals and the phenomenon surrounding Sign Painters, the movie and book, as but 2 examples of the popularity of the form.

Next time you’re on a train platform and see a poster, snap a photo and share it!


Hiring: Market Manager for Chelsea Market

A&F at Chelsea MarketIt’s not just a job, it’s an adventure. And in this case, it’s an amazing adventure at that!

We are seeking a dynamic, motivated, friendly, marketing-savvy and service-oriented individual to join the Artists & Fleas family at our Chelsea Market location for a P/T Market Manager to start mid-August.

Seeking a professional individual who loves the culture of markets and marketplaces to oversee operations of the Artists & Fleas Chelsea Market location. This unique position combines the role of a store manager (i.e. someone who is customer service oriented, has a strong visual merchandising point of view and has successfully created an exciting shopping experience) with the role of a community manager who is capable of shaping and managing a diverse and dynamic culture of independent artists and designers.

This role has three primary areas of involvement – including Market Operations, Vendor Relations/Community Building and Marketing.

Responsibilities include:

  • Market Operations Duties:  During market business hours (both when the market is open to the general public and in the time available to vendors for load-in, load-out), you will work to ensure that all aspects of the market are managed appropriately.
    • Vendor attendance
    • Assist with load-in/load-out (must be able to climb ladders and lift 30lbs)
    • Facilities management including market appearance & cleanliness, good working condition of all equipment (lights, signage, common areas, etc.)
    • Finance and collections responsibility (as needed)
    • Recruitment, coordination and management of our street promotion team and inventory of materials (flyer) and our DJs in conjunction with in-house resident DJ.
  • Vendor Relations/Community Building: You will serve as a critical team member and represent the Artists & Fleas brand to current and prospective vendors.
    • For current vendors, you will be the on-site point person during the selling day where you will be asked to engage with vendors and their sales staff (where applicable)
    • For prospective vendors, you will play a key business development role in your capacity as market gate-keeper, capturing new vendor/business inquiries and working to help vet promising prospects
    • Assist in vendor curation and selection and work as part of a team to optimize the market selling experience for everyone
  • Marketing Duties: You will be responsible for developing and assisting in several aspects of marketing the A&F brand across a variety of platforms together with A&F team members. This includes but is not necessarily limited to the following areas:
    • Event Production/Monthly Shop & Groove Evening Party
      • Participate in ideation with team on themes and handling of logistics on-site for monthly event
    • Content Creation – this refers to digital content (i.e. text and photos) for our website, blog and social media during the course of the selling week/weekend and for us to “inventory” during the week.
    • Community Outreach – identification of, and outreach to, community partners and potential partnering organizations
    • Facilitating Media Requests – assist in fielding requests and inquiries from media outlets during weekend market hours and sharing with in-house press staff member
  • Responsibility to the Company:
    • Act as an ambassador of the Artists & Fleas brand while also working to capture a bit of the characteristic that makes the A&F community a reflection of the broader NYC creative community at large
    • Participate in a weekly conference call and/or weekly meeting to review the previous week and/or to provide a status report and notes
    • Serve as a resource for A&F as someone who is on the ground and help in developing new policies and initiatives

Interested candidates should submit an email to jobs@artistsandfleas.com and include a brief description of their candidacy, a resume and/or link to a LinkedIn profile, relevant social media and/or social media marketing credentials and any additional information.

The role is ~25 hours/week and is a salaried position that includes 401k participation, vacation and additional benefits.

Artists & Fleas is an equal opportunity employer.

Where Everyone is an Artist

Anna Williamsburg market impressionsIt’s Springtime in Williamsburg. Time for lazy weekend brunches, great people watching and new perspectives on things after an interminable Winter. And with these we welcome Anna, our new sheriff and market wrangler. Her perspective on the market and market family after an initial weekend is below. Meet her at anna@artistsandfleas.com

Judging by the name Artists & Fleas, I thought that I’d find two types of people at the market: artists and flea market-type vendors.

That was before I joined A & F. What I soon found is that every single person at the market is an artist. There are those that vend what they’ve made with their hands: petri-dish inspired jewelry, clocks made out of books, leather bras (coming soon!), and song lyric illustrations. And then there are those who practice the art of curation, working in the challenging medium of vintage goods. These artists find beauty where many of us would only see “old stuff”, and put their mark on it through a variety of techniques: cutting, sewing, glueing, repurposing, or simply combining to create a completely new work of art.

I expected to meet a group of incredibly creative people here, but I didn’t expect to discover new art forms! I can’t wait for all the discoveries to come at Artists & Fleas.

Designers on the Move

Lockhart WorksEvery weekend marks the beginning and, for some, the end of a stint selling at the market. This weekend is no different and we call out 2 designers who’ve quickly become family – Rebecca Lockhart of Lockhart Wrks (see photo) in Williamsburg and Tammy Gia of b5linenyc in Chelsea. Both designers take, make and create their inspirations largely from metals and playfull mix metals in their design of costume jewelry creations. What’s more so, both have made A&F their home and cultivated a following during their residences selling at the markets.

This weekend marks the end (for now…) for Lockhart Wrks of a 3-month long show in Williamsburg; b5linenyc goes on hiatus for a couple of weeks before returning in a big way later this Spring at Chelsea Market. Check each of them out and put some bling into your Spring this weekend.

Artists & Fleas is open in Williamsburg this Saturday & Sunday from 10AM-7PM and daily at Chelsea Market (corner of 10th Avenue and West 15th Street) from 10AM-9PM.


Finding the Next Basquiat?

Chelsea Art DOJO StudiosThis we know to be true.

Artists come to New York to create. Art lovers come to New York to discover. The two compulsions are strong and they’ve shared a mutually beneficial relationship for decades as the flow of talent runs unabated and the hunger obsession for finding that which is beautiful, inspiring and thought-provoking in art is an unquenchable one.

We’ve long prided ourselves on creating a place where art lives and thrives. With our return to Chelsea Market this month, we’ve intentionally sought to amp up the arts within the market mix. It’s not just a Chelsea thing. It’s a belief thing and it’s a mission thing and, quite simply, it’s something we need to do because market life wouldn’t be interesting without art.

Over the next several weeks, there will be several new visual and mixed media artists joining the Artists & Fleas family at Chelsea Market. NYC artists like illustrator and painter Ray Sumser and photographer Matt Schwartz of She Hit Pause Studios join folks like Mike Lindwasser, Faune Yerby and Kevin Marcell in blowing up our arts quotient.

Art is everywhere. Look up and look around.

We’re Going West!

things are looking up in LAIt’s not just California dreaming any more. We’re making it real and taking the show on the road this May to LA. We’re stoked to reconnect with so many friends we’ve made over the past 10 years on both coasts and to create something exciting, dynamic and uniquely Artists & Fleas style in LA.

If you’re a designer, an artist, a builder, a maker, a vintage collector, we’d love to have you come show and sell. Please click here to join our list to be the first to receive info later before April 1st!

Squa(RED) & You & Us

Square and Squa(RED) readerWe are honored and humbled to be one of a select number of New York City retailers to participate in the exciting partnership between Square and (RED).

NEW YORK – Feb. 19, 2014 – Today, in partnership with AIDS organization (RED), Square debuted a Special Edition SQUA(RED) Reader, bringing the color red to the company’s hardware products and enabling local sellers and their customers to play a role in one of the greatest challenges of our time — the fight to end AIDS. Sellers in the United States can get a Special Edition SQUA(RED) Reader online at mkt.com/red. Read the full press release here.

Market on the Mind

2nd floor studio 2We don’t make any bones about the facts of life at Artists & Fleas. We love markets, we love to travel and we love the story of stuff.  The market is always on our mind wherever we go. And the conversation about Brooklyn, about fashion, about vintage, about markets and what it’s like to be working at ground zero of the creative community for more than 10 years starts conversations, opens up tons of doors and inevitably results in great insights, great meals, and the start of many great relationships.

Take Punit Jasuja and Delhi-based Second Floor Studio. To call him a designer would be to limit the vision and impact of Punit’s maestro-ness. He is a tastemaker par excellence who is crafting, curating and nurturing part of the fresh fashion scene coming out of Northern India. His bona fides are international and his tastes reflect an intimate familiarity with and an uncanny ability to remix Western trends and Eastern essence. He’s bringing bespoke brands like menswear designer KARDO and designer Aneeth Arora’s péro to more markets and creating connections that fuel not only wanderlust but the thrill of market-ing, market life and discovery.

Keep tabs on these folks and stay tuned as we work to bring some of the best to Brooklyn and beyond.



Leroys Place and the beat boxRetail is always a bit random and unpredictable. No matter what the scientists, trend predictors and so-called experts may say, there’s a lot of left brain and right brain stuff that happens. But then there’s also market magic, the stuff of randomness. It’s the pixie dust of market life.

Check Leroys Place moves to Zounds, a priceless little video of former Boston b-girl crew member Serene B. of Leroys Place doing her thing to the beats of Sunday’s resident DJ Turmix in front of the absolutely smashing and hip tower of power of Zound Electronics up cycled vintage suitcases refashioned into modern-day beat-boxes says it all. Shit just happens. Spontaneously. Always. It’s what we call marketlife and you can follow it (on Instagram) and add to it (obviously) with that simple little hashtag. Or just come and see it and live it for yourself with us in Williamsburg. Ground zero for #marketlife.