Please complete the application below to be considered for our Williamsburg, Brooklyn and/or our Los Angeles pop-up markets. There is no commitment necessary. Please specify the items you intend to sell and complete the application as best as possible. [To apply to Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market, click the application link here.]

  • **sharing options available for an additional $50/day; shares require prior approval
    By clicking and checking here, Vendor acknowledges that it has read (as applicable) the A&F Williamsburg Vendor Rental Agreement and the Williamsburg Vendor Rules and Regulations or the A&F LA Vendor Rental Agreement and the LA Vendor Rules and Regulations and agrees to be bound by such agreement and rules in the event that Vendor accepts an offer from Artists & Fleas to participate in the Market. The Agreement and Rules and Regulations shall become binding upon the parties only upon (1) Artists & Fleas sending you an Offer E-mail; and (2) your acceptance of Artists & Fleas’ Offer paying the Space Rental Fee in accordance with the Offer E-mail (the “Binding Conditions”).
    By clicking Submit you acknowledge that your submission of the above Application is merely a request to be considered to participate in the Market and that the submission of your application does not create a binding agreement between you and Artists & Fleas. A binding agreement between the parties will only be created upon (1) Artists & Fleas offering you a space at the Market by sending you an Offer E-mail and (2) your acceptance of the Offer by paying the Space Rental Fee (the “Binding Conditions”). Artists & Fleas expressly reserves the right, within its sole discretion, to deny, reject or decline to respond to any application. Artists & Fleas shall not be liable for any damages resulting from or relating to Artists & Fleas decision to deny, reject or decline to respond to any prospective vendor’s Application. In addition, Applicant acknowledges, that Artists & Fleas is entitled to request additional information or documentation as it may require in its sole discretion.

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