Squa(RED) & You & Us

Square and Squa(RED) readerWe are honored and humbled to be one of a select number of New York City retailers to participate in the exciting partnership between Square and (RED).

NEW YORK – Feb. 19, 2014 – Today, in partnership with AIDS organization (RED), Square debuted a Special Edition SQUA(RED) Reader, bringing the color red to the company’s hardware products and enabling local sellers and their customers to play a role in one of the greatest challenges of our time — the fight to end AIDS. Sellers in the United States can get a Special Edition SQUA(RED) Reader online at mkt.com/red. Read the full press release here.

A&F, Martha Stewart, Williamsburg & the Times

Artists-and-Fleas-NY-Times-GollyWho didn’t wake up Sunday and hear the buzz that we were gracing the front page of the Sunday New York Times? It wasn’t just the fact that Artists & Fleas was mentioned in the same breath as Martha Stewart, appliqué-making East Village artists, tattoos and colonial Williamsburg that was such a coup. The fact that this story captured some of the zeitgeist that is our community – the community of creative, independent makers, painters, artists, sewers and doers who are doing their thing on their own term – and was told through the uniquely entertaining snapshot of Tony & Keith, the dudes behind GoLLy NYC, made it all the more rewarding.

Almost 10 years since we started, folks keep on remarking about the vibe and community at the market to which we always respond, it’s about you, not about us. And this piece gave a little glimpse into that universe — and some great Sunday AM reading.


If You Build It, Will They Come?

Chelsea-Market-proposed-expansionIt’s ironic to think that some of the Williamsburg waterfront development experience could inform what’s going on in the current debate embroiling the proposed expansion of Chelsea Market in Manhattan. But such was the case at last night’s Community Board 4 meeting tackling the ongoing issues of whether Chelsea Market and its owner and developer, Jamestown Properties, should be permitted to expand the market and build an office tower and hotel on top of the already jam-packed market, business hub, tourist mecca.

As is the current case in Williamsburg, the addition of office space, residential units and hotel rooms (Wythe Hotel, anyone?) brings newfound customers to the community. While it’s not without its drawbacks (as one urban planner noted last night, the biggest fear in change that many residents harbor is the fear of the unknown), more people at more different times of day actually helps feed the neighborhood by providing new income opportunities to the independent business owners and increases the tax base that goes ultimately, presumably and hopefully right back into the immediate neighborhood.

We attended last night’s meeting and expressed our support. We shared just a few numbers and stories from our three and half months of pop-ups pioneering what was a once forlorn corner on West 15th and Tenth into an active retail space inside the market. Here they are:

  • 50 pre mom & pop shops and independent retailers had the opportunity to experience Manhattan retail at Chelsea Market
  • 15 of these sellers went on to significantly grow their businesses – increasing employees either as production assistants, sales people or designers
  • More than a dozen new wholesale accounts were picked up paving the way for more New York and Brooklyn-based industry and production

Trust us, the stories go on and on and our designers, sewers, makers, jewelers and vintage collectors could regale you way past the marathon CB4 meeting. But if its meeting notes you crave, Curbed will give you the skinny so click it.

Time Out New York

We just opened the mail (yes, we do) and were stoked to find Artists & Fleas and several mucho talented designers and jewelry-makers mentioned to help the market secure “Best Market for Jewelry and Accessories” in Time Out NY Insider Guide to Markets.

“The 411 of A and F: Growing steadily since it launched in December 2003, this indoor indie-designer and vintage market champions a creative, DIY aesthetic – it welcomes a rotation of talented craftspeople, trendy collectors and tinkeres who sell vintage clothing, screen-printed T-shirts, jewelry and snacks every weekend.”

Check out the post with nods to Georgia Varidakis, Gypsy Nation Vintage, Churoncalla, ETC. Modern Vintage and LePetitCupcakery (as precious as jewels but edible!) among others and make sure to take note of the discounts and deals a lot of folks are offering thru Time Out. Congrats, kids!

Press, Pix, News, OhMy

Seen that street sign (pictured above) on the corner of Bedford & N. 12th yet? It’s for real. Wonder how long it will stay up…


We didn’t miss this one but it may just be the one that got away in all the madness as we kicked off the Market in McCarren earlier this month. Time Out New York did a “Great Walks” article in their April 29-May 5 edition and Artists & Fleas was stop #6 on the little flaneur:

“The seven-year-old market hosts about 50 vendors hawking everything from typewriter key rings (Churoncalla) to sturdy leather belts (Luscious Leather)…”

The cool kids (with the tease-of-a-name) from FancySexyMe have a killer cool Punk Rock Peep Show going on this Friday, May 14th at Shag that you want to know about, that you want to be at and that we’re pretty damn sure will have a whole lot of people you’ll want to meet and groove with. Check out their merch every Saturday & Sunday at Artists & Fleas on North 6th.

karen-seiger-markets-of-new-york-brooklyn-book Congratulations to Karen Seiger on the publication of her labor of love Markets of New York City. The book is a beautiful tour of market culture – from Brooklyn flea and artist markets (check out the guide and you will see – Artists & Fleas starts with ‘A’) to Manhattan food and farmers markets – and a lot more. Karen is a tireless champion of independent producers and creators and this book is not only a passion piece but a great addition to a bookshelf to anyone in love with markets anywhere.