Squa(RED) & You & Us

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We are honored and humbled to be one of a select number of New York City retailers to participate in the exciting partnership between Square and (RED). NEW YORK – Feb. 19, 2014 – Today, in partnership with AIDS organization (RED), Square debuted a Special Edition SQUA(RED) Reader, bringing the color red to the company’s hardware […]

A&F, Martha Stewart, Williamsburg & the Times

A&F, Martha Stewart, Williamsburg & the Times

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Who didn’t wake up Sunday and hear the buzz that we were gracing the front page of the Sunday New York Times? It wasn’t just the fact that Artists & Fleas was mentioned in the same breath as Martha Stewart, appliqué-making East Village artists, tattoos and colonial Williamsburg that was such a coup. The fact […]

If You Build It, Will They Come?

If You Build It, Will They Come?

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It’s ironic to think that some of the Williamsburg waterfront development experience could inform what’s going on in the current debate embroiling the proposed expansion of Chelsea Market in Manhattan. But such was the case at last night’s Community Board 4 meeting tackling the ongoing issues of whether Chelsea Market and its owner and developer, […]

Brooklyn Fleas Say Ni Hao

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One of our consummate purveyors of all things vintage, Gypsy Nation Vintage, shared a profile of the Brooklyn fleas (as they called it) from the Hong Kong Weekend Weekly. Some folks taking a little hiatus from the ‘hood are included. Yes, it’s in Chinese, but here’s one shoot where the photos really do say it […]

Time Out New York

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We just opened the mail (yes, we do) and were stoked to find Artists & Fleas and several mucho talented designers and jewelry-makers mentioned to help the market secure “Best Market for Jewelry and Accessories” in Time Out NY Insider Guide to Markets. “The 411 of A and F: Growing steadily since it launched in […]

Press, Pix, News, OhMy

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Seen that street sign (pictured above) on the corner of Bedford & N. 12th yet? It’s for real. Wonder how long it will stay up… We didn’t miss this one but it may just be the one that got away in all the madness as we kicked off the Market in McCarren earlier this month. […]

Parlez Vous…Francais?

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The hip kids behind Flavor Magazine from France recently did a spin of Williamsburg and put together an amazingly comprehensive neighborhood guide that includes plenty of shopping options and highlights Artists & Fleas among the list. Check out the guide, scroll through the photos, and send some trans-Atlantic love their way and maybe it will […]