The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


Boom. You just realized that somewhere between those holiday party open bars and non-stop dinners with friends you only see right around this time of year, that the holidays are closing in on you. And whether you are one to procrastinate or contemplate or hesitate, chances are you’ve barely made a dent in your holiday shopping. Everyone has a recommendation for you on where and when.

We’ve got them all beat this year.

Our nifty gift guide comes to you in doses (3 items daily through 12/24 or you can cheat and click here for the complete list!) that will make even the most angsty shopper feel at ease. After all, what we do and have been doing all along is offering a fresh and funky one stop shop set up for you to discover. And if you haven’t been by in a while to check us out weekends in Williamsburg or daily at Chelsea Market, we’re pretty sure that what you’ll find may just be one of the most kick-ass, finger-on-the-pulse moments of what is innovative, fresh and hip in the world of fashion, design and art you’re going to find anywhere else.

The time is now, the place is here and here.



Picks for a Handmade Holiday

AnotherWorkInProgress-Vintage-notebooksSay handmade and you’re bound to get a zillion and one interpretations depending on who you’re talking to. Mom in Kenosha has a very different understanding of it than your brother slumming it in Silver Lake. We’re keeping things clear and classy when we talk handmade this holiday season. And  A&F Market Biz Ops’ honcho Laura has a few of her faces for the gift-giving season.

When you need a break from your iPhone, certifiably cool and old school Journals from Another Work in Progress do the trick. They are perfect gifts for that slightly analog mom who doesn’t always want to put it all into iCal.

You know the saying it’s better to look good than to feel good. Truth in advertising gets one-upped with nail polish from Cirque Colors with their wild and fab chemical-free line of polishes that satisfy looking and feeling great. Total Secret Santa surprise and crowd-pleaser!

Kids young and old (and parents) LOVE puppets and stuffed animals. You don’t believe us? Just look around! Getting something special and handmade CUSTOM (yes, custom) from Puppet Fluff is beyond awesome. And it’s truly and uniquely one-of-a-kind, ain’t two ways about it.

For those must-have, grab-and-go gifts that are consummate crowd pleasers and never fail, you can’t go wrong with organic cotton holiday bibs from Twinko and the Chalk Board Tee Shirt from Class Attire.

For more handmade holiday gifts that take the whole notion of cool artisan goods to a new level, drop into the market this weekend in Williamsburg and daily at Chelsea Market or hit up one of these fabulous makers at their online shoppes this season.

A to Z: The Holiday Gift Guide



Below is a list of items included in our 2013 Gift Guide. Inventory availability and vendor participation may vary by date and market location (Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Chelsea Market). Please visit the respective seller websites for specific product information and availability or email for more information.








Gypsy Nation Vintage: Assorted vintage jewelry pieces including Robert Goossens hand belt/necklace ($600) and early 19th Century brass and snake necklace ($388).

Churoncalla: Vintage and up-cycled jewelry created from typewriter keys, silverware and other found objects including the fork ring ($30), from $20-$45.

CuratedBasics:  Turquoise Diamond Socks, Cotton Blend Knitt with a modern argyle pattern, $10 each or 3 for $25.









Georgia Varidakis: Bone and chain bangle ($78), geode stud earrings ($120) and other fine jewelry and accessories.

TNEMNRODA: Custom sunglasses hand-adorned with porcelain flowers and plated metal pieces, $80-$188.

The Spooky Boutique Vintage: Whiting & Davis 1970s spider mesh necklace ($178), 1970s pouch purse ($128), 1950s beaded evening bag ($275) and other early and mid-century vintage jewelry and accessories.

Afshaan Rahman: One-of-a-kind necklaces designed with crystals, semi-precious stones and metals.

Vusion: Retro polarized oak wooden sunglasses made from sustainable woods, $145.

Cam ci Cam ca: Multi-gold flower headband with hand-painted faux flowers and vintage brass chain, $125. Side gold flower headband, $95.

blissfulCaseNY: Original, limited edition design iPhone cases, $24-$29.

Pamela Barsky: Pouches with wit, attitude and charm, $12-$20.

Atlantis Jewelry: 14K yellow gold and champagne diamond heart and star necklaces (assorted, $295) and 14K rose gold and champagne diamond oval ring, $495.

Pigeon be Pigeon: Brooklyn-based cut-and-sew and screen print studio one-sies ($20), hand-knit sweaters ($45), bronze-cast button beanies ($15) and more.

Handmade by Sara Cramer: Modern, beaded jewelry using square glass beads. Bracelets pictured range from $45-$125.

Shara Porter: hand-printed leather and vegan bags, wallets and card holders, $20-$50.

Chalkboard Tees: Chalkboard t-shirts in assorted colors and styles for children and adults, $25-$30 by Class Attire.

FSMNYC: Safety Pin Necklace, $58 and Rose & Silver Body Harness, $98.

5 Williamsburg-y Gift Ideas for Mom

metal-taboo-MILFThe playground taunt used to start off with Your Mama is… and things could get pretty nasty from there. But let’s put aside childhood bickering and get our game on to celebrate Mom. Slacker Mother’s Day shopping hook-up? We’ve got 5 gift ideas available at the market this weekend in Williamsburg depending on who your mama is.

For the Hot Mom: You’ve heard it a million times before: Your MOM? She could be your sister! You’ve seen the looks that your friends give her. Just say what everyone’s been thinking with the MILF necklace (pictured) from Metal Taboo. Other options include “Wino” and “Hot Mess.”

For the Collecting Mom: She loves to collect. But what does she collect, exactly? You really don’t’ know, but anything in multiples is a collection in the making. Peep the very collectable (and some are museum-worthy!) Bakelite bracelets from The Spooky Boutique. You just may have started a new collection obsession.

For the Bibliophile Mom: Your grammar isn’t ever up to her standards. She’s reading even when she’s not reading. Her library card is PLATINUM! Celebrate the book lover with a one of a kind book clock from Devin Kain of Love Hue Studios.

For the Crazy Art Lady Mom: She taught you how to spin pottery when you were still in diapers. She encouraged all your artistic endeavors, even if they all were the worst. She still paints/designs her own clothes/bedazzles denim vests. She loves to stand out. Pick up a pair of hand-dyed Scraps shoes by Evolving Habitat. No one at her craft fair silent auction committee meeting will have a pair. Guaranteed.

For the Pet-Loving, I-Wanna-Grandchild-Now Mom: She’s got a pet that never disappoints  her, and she reminds you of it ALL THE TIME. Keep that surrogate grandchild (you aren’t having kids) warm and stylish with a collar or sweater from Bone Thugs NYC.

The Story Goes Something Like This…

fiber-and-water-from-portlandDesigner Miles Perry was silk-screening shirts in his studio in Portland, Maine a few years ago when he realized that he didn’t want to just be another guy screen-printing t-shirts. Not that there was anything wrong with that, of course. But this is Maine, a place where pretense (if it comes) dies. So he decided to see how his simple but subtly sublime renderings of images taken from everyday life would look on burlap. Anchors and timepieces. Simple typography. Iconic images of a bygone era. The stuff of nostalgia Americana.

And so began Fiber and Water, a design studio dedicated to the design and craft of hand-pressed burlap wall art.

Miles came down from the coast this past weekend for a little taste of the Brooklyn scene (he knows markets from the SoWa kids in Boston) and we were thrilled to see that these works were equally at home in L.L. Bean as they were in WillyB and we look forward to seeing more burlap from Miles in our borough and beyond this year. In the meantime, check out Fiber and Water on Etsy to get it now.


Makin’ It: Cloud Coffee on the Williamsburg Scene

Kendall-Holmes-Cloud-Coffee-Williamsburg-BrooklynFew folks on Brooklyn’s artisan craft food scene can claim the bona fides that Cloud Coffee’s Kendall Holmes can. Kendall is an alumnus of the early generation to have worked at The Brooklyn Kitchen and has overseen special ops for McClure’s Pickles but his fondness for culinary invention (his Instagram attests to it!) and service are what first led him last Spring to help Prospect Heights-based Sit & Wonder’s first foray onto the market scene setting up outside Artists & Fleas with their salvaged New York City mid-century street vending cart, appropriately named Stand & Deliver.

Earlier this year, Kendall took the reigns of the cart and set out on a path of glory to take his passion-fueled interest for experimental coffee-based products and launched Cloud Coffee. He reached out to Brooklyn-based Café Grumpy to offer a curated selection of their beans and has been steadily turning out new products that he debuts regularly at the market with plans to get them into broader distribution in the months to come including a possible fab collab with the Grumpy folks to take his mind-altering cold-brew favorite, the Storm Cloud coffee soda (concentrate + soda water), beyond the friendly confines of the borough.

Coffee lovers and market shoppers can find Kendall in his sharp attire beneath the red & white umbrella of his cart every weekend day at Artists & Fleas on North 7th. Make sure to check his holiday gift options new this season, including a Cloud Coffee Productivity Kit featuring his coffee bomb candies, a 12 oz. bag of coffee, tasting journal, and cold brew concentrate – all locally-made, of course.


Makin It : A story of Wanderlust and Wild Hearts

Vanishing-Tribe-global-makersFolks with some bi-coastal markets fred may have recognized Portland-based Vanishing Tribe the past 2 weeks when they sprung up in Williamsburg (first at Renegade, more recently at the market). Led by Courtney Keene, the Tribe is a tribe indeed – a full-fledged design company consisting of a small family of artists inspired by travel and culture, village tribes, and old world processes. But wait, there’s more. Each season they source materials directly from artisans in remote parts of the world that are incorporated into their line of jewelry and accessories, and mixed with hand-made pieces from their studio in Portland for the upcoming season.


Old Tibetan turquoise, hand-stamped brass, Indonesian Ikat textiles, waxed canvas, and leather are just some of the materials they use to create products that have vibrant stories to tell. Their line this season includes these unusual belt bags beautifully made with deerskin leather and bright Ikat fabric. Pair one with an armful of their patterned brass bangles and you’ve got some rad accessories (or the perfect gift for the earthy woman in your life.)

That’s a ton of time globe-trekking.

A regular at the Portland Saturday Market for the last few years, Vanishing Tribe is debuting their latest collection this holiday season this coming weekend at the market in Williamsburg and in big, bad Manhattan at Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market beginning Monday, December 3rd and running through December 16th inside Chelsea Market.



Makin’ It: From Renegade to Regular

JWhite-textilesJWhite first appeared on the scene – on our cozy and bustling corner of Brooklyn, at least – back in June when Renegade Craft Festival descended upon the Williamsburg waterfront. A few folks scoped her out and gave her the skinny on setting up shop at A&F and fast-forward 6 months and this experimental gal has been pushing the limits each and every weekend.

The creator behind the line, Jessica White, studied Fine Art and started with print making but always liked to experiment with new mediums. So she bought a screen printing kit and signed up for a sewing class after moving to New York from Detroit two years ago. Since then, she’s been building her business and perfecting her art. Using earthy textures and soft fabrics, Jessica started making one-of-a-kind tank tops that evolved into circle scarves that incorporate her original drawings, often incorporating block prints and hints of global patterns using different variations and colors.

Since quitting her job to focus on her art full time, JWhite has gone to new heights and we’re excited to see what the next 6 months have in store. Check out all the new pieces (these make some great gifts, hint hint) from the JWhite collection every weekend at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg or catch her at other markets around the City this holiday season.

Makin’ It: For Dudes, Expressive Accessories

Everett-not-your-hipster-menswear-WilliamsburgEverett was founded just this summer by 3 friends Nathan Coleman, Tinoy Kashif, and James Brooks – all business-savvy men in their mid-20s who saw a real opportunity in the clothing industry for vibrant men’s accessories. Realizing that ties mostly come in just solids and stripes, they wanted to create a line of ties out of unusual textures, colors, and patterns like monkeys and elephants, two-tone paisleys, and multi color polka dots. All the fabrics are sourced locally in and around NYC, and products include neckties, bowties, and pocket squares.

They’re currently working on their Spring 2013 designs, which include linen, burlap, canvas, and seer sucker. They’re also getting ready to introduce tie bars into the mix, as well as stick-on pockets!! And their quirky style even comes out in their marketing: post a photo wearing one of the tie stickers on their Facebook page and get a discount.


Makin’ It: Homemade in Brooklyn

KM-Mason-Jar-candlesKelly Marks didn’t realize that when she first made candles for her sister’s bridal shower over a year ago and brought some of the extras to sell one market weekend that it would turn into a full time gig. For years, after leaving her career as a flight attendant (“Good morning, welcome aboard…”), Kelly had broken out as a jewelry designer and held her own at Artists & Fleas old space on North 6th Street (her space is literally where that behemoth of an espresso machine lives at Toby’s Estate, the fly guys from Down Under). When she made the candles for the first time that Spring, she decided to sell them along with the jewelry.

The love was unanimous. Distressed metal topped-mason jar candles that are vegan, made in Brooklyn and have the right scents and sensibilities for discerning Williamsburgers? You know it. White tea and Wisconsin pine are among the lovelies to be found alongside soaps and lip balms.

The times they are a changing and Kelly’s been keeping her creative juices going in lock-step with a changing neighborhood. As the gift-giving season approaches and daylight flees our days a little earlier, KM Candles is your homemade hook-up.

Visit Kelly and KM Candles every weekend at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg or check out her Etsy shop.