A to Z: The Holiday Gift Guide



Below is a list of items included in our 2013 Gift Guide. Inventory availability and vendor participation may vary by date and market location (Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Chelsea Market). Please visit the respective seller websites for specific product information and availability or email brooklyn@artistsandfleas.com for more information.








Gypsy Nation Vintage: Assorted vintage jewelry pieces including Robert Goossens hand belt/necklace ($600) and early 19th Century brass and snake necklace ($388).

Churoncalla: Vintage and up-cycled jewelry created from typewriter keys, silverware and other found objects including the fork ring ($30), from $20-$45.

CuratedBasics:  Turquoise Diamond Socks, Cotton Blend Knitt with a modern argyle pattern, $10 each or 3 for $25.









Georgia Varidakis: Bone and chain bangle ($78), geode stud earrings ($120) and other fine jewelry and accessories.

TNEMNRODA: Custom sunglasses hand-adorned with porcelain flowers and plated metal pieces, $80-$188.

The Spooky Boutique Vintage: Whiting & Davis 1970s spider mesh necklace ($178), 1970s pouch purse ($128), 1950s beaded evening bag ($275) and other early and mid-century vintage jewelry and accessories.

Afshaan Rahman: One-of-a-kind necklaces designed with crystals, semi-precious stones and metals.

Vusion: Retro polarized oak wooden sunglasses made from sustainable woods, $145.

Cam ci Cam ca: Multi-gold flower headband with hand-painted faux flowers and vintage brass chain, $125. Side gold flower headband, $95.

blissfulCaseNY: Original, limited edition design iPhone cases, $24-$29.

Pamela Barsky: Pouches with wit, attitude and charm, $12-$20.

Atlantis Jewelry: 14K yellow gold and champagne diamond heart and star necklaces (assorted, $295) and 14K rose gold and champagne diamond oval ring, $495.

Pigeon be Pigeon: Brooklyn-based cut-and-sew and screen print studio one-sies ($20), hand-knit sweaters ($45), bronze-cast button beanies ($15) and more.

Handmade by Sara Cramer: Modern, beaded jewelry using square glass beads. Bracelets pictured range from $45-$125.

Shara Porter: hand-printed leather and vegan bags, wallets and card holders, $20-$50.

Chalkboard Tees: Chalkboard t-shirts in assorted colors and styles for children and adults, $25-$30 by Class Attire.

FSMNYC: Safety Pin Necklace, $58 and Rose & Silver Body Harness, $98.

A Monday Market Recap


Holiday shopping in Williamsburg

We’ve got to give it up to the folks who brought it and brought it big this past weekend including old friends and newlywed Amber TaxidermyCIRQUE and newish old friends and soon-to-be-dear old friends Twinko and beroep jewelry. Tried and true but the saying is so right-on: there’s something for everyone on your list and you should be on top. After all, you’ve got to look out for Numero Uno when you shop this holiday season. It’s what keeps things moving. The goodness continues throughout the month with new folks making their holiday market appearances over the next couple of weekends in Williamsburg and some hot, new debuts coming to our Chelsea Market digs every Monday beginning today!


Holiday Gifting, Shopping and Market-ing

holiday-gift-guide-at-the-marketEvery year we say it, we do it, and we mean it. The market is your one-stop shop for holiday gift-giving. Of course folks can do the classically convenient (and somewhat lame) version of the one-click which ensures that your stuff is pre-wrapped, addressed, shipped & delivered. But if you’re into the experience of shopping for the simple, selfish pleasure of finding yourself a little something on the side, then permit us to hook you up this weekend in Williams-burg and at Chelsea Market where you can talk, touch and try things from 80 artists, designers and vintage collectors with a little something for everyone on your list.

ricky-becker-vintage-williamsburgAnd if you’ve got some clicking you want to do, we’ve compiled a little walk down memory lane through some of our past Gift Guides that tell an interesting story across time and style including a Brooklyn-style shopper’s cheat sheet circa 2010 (oh my!) and a top picks from the Spooky Boutique’s vintage maestro Ricky Becker (right).

While you’re at it, put a bow on it.

Artists & Fleas is open weekends in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from 10AM-7PM and daily inside Chelsea Market from 10AM-7PM.

Williamsburg Brooklyn, 2003


On my desk hangs a photo that Amy and I took standing together on the road to Tulum. There was no such thing as a selfie. It was late November 2003. We ditched Thanksgiving in Brooklyn to clear our heads and chase the sun before we were to return and open Artists & Fleas on North 6th Street a few weeks later.

I remember waking up in a panic that first night wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.

We had a handshake deal with two cousins from the neighborhood whose family business, M&V Provisions, had occupied most of the industrial spaces on North 6th and Bedford — one space was for dry goods, another was a curing house for making sausages. They moved to Ridgewood a few years earlier when they could afford a bigger building on a wider street to accommodate 4AM deliveries and tractor trailers.

williamsburg-market-exterior-north-6thA late night bike ride down North 6th street after swimming at the pool on Metropolitan when it still had some of the sheen from a recent renovation and the subsequent phone call that resulted in a handshake set Amy and me on a thrilling adventure that seems to capture so much of the vibe of and attraction to current day Brooklyn.

Looking back on it all 10 years later as I do quite often, I am filled with so many thoughts and feelings. Appreciation. Admiration. Anxiety. I am and have always been a deeply nostalgic person – not yearning for the past but connected to it for the richness that it provided and how those riches continue to inform so much of my current experience. The creative community – the artists, the makers, the collectors – and the enterprising people Amy and I have had the chance to meet, to talk with, to shop from, to watch, to learn, to grow is a culture and a force and it’s what makes New York City so welcoming, so interesting and so fresh. And it makes New York the kind of place that even in it’s harshest of moments I cannot imagine living without.

Thanks, Williamsburg. Thanks to thousands of doers and dreamers. Thanks, Amy. The next 10 years begins now.

718 at Chelsea Market: A Launch Party

Chelsea Market launch party eventJoin us this Thursday (7/18) as we bring brand Brooklyn to Manhattan for Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market for our Summer opening party. Shop, sip, boogie and celebrate as we kick off the start of a 6-month pop-up market residence bringing the best of local and emerging artists, designers, vintage collectors and tastemakers to the west side of Manhattan. Special guests include illusionist JB Benn, guest DJs and super hip swag bags to the first 50 attendees.

FREE and open to the public — Thursday, July 18th from 7-10pm inside Chelsea Market on the corner of 10th Avenue & West 15th Street. Click on our Facebook page for more details.

Fire and Ice for Your Summer Sizzle

produce-fresh-summer-in-the-citySummer in the City. It’s no joke. In Williamsburg, folks take the juxtaposition of brands and creative concepts seriously. So without irony we are thrilled to welcome 2 exciting debuts to the market this weekend – among the many other folks coming back with vintage hauls and handmade treasures.

Ice & Vice is gonna blow your mind with their category-defying approach to the craft of ice-cream making. Part alchemy, part artistry, pure wow, Ken Lo and Paul Kim bring the show to the market with flavor offerings that include popcorn with toasted raisin and chocolate flakes, salted bacon butter caramel with bacon praline, Vietnamese iced coffee with donut truffles, and crème fraîche with rose petal jam. This is the stuff that makes believers of us all! Saturday only

Produce Fresh Apparel is graphic designer Wilson Griffin’s fresh (ahem) apparel outfitter with graphics that fuse some retro graphic stylings with the contemporary hipness and attitude that makes all things brand Brooklyn envy-worthy (see photo). Saturday & Sunday

What would a weekend in Williamsburg be without some fashion and flair? Filippo Gurrieri’s Sunset Boulevard returns with vintage fineries galore and Jocelyn Shipley’s Helveta  Vyotlag is back with her mind-blowing, eye-catching collection of futuristic wooden jewelry and accessories.


All the Colors of the Rainbow

camelo-pardus-prints-bikiniSummer is here. School is out. July 4th is near. And Pride comes to NYC this weekend. Both markets in Williamsburg and Chelsea are celebrating Summer and flying high from the snazzy market and neighborhood video tour the New York Times shot of A&F market maestro telling the market story over the years (fancy, eh?). But on with the show…

First, a shout-out to many folks who’ve shown recently and return for a lovely weekend including Nadia Dayan of Camelo Pardus (pictured), Leila Khoury of LVK, Heavens Devilz and Into The Forest just to name a few. See. Them. Now.

Yellow is Miss Jessica Lee Gouws’ Williamsburg-walk-inspired, South Africa-based wicked project creating one-of-a-kind necklaces from objects lost and found such as spoons, Coca Cola bottle tops, motorcycle parts, vintage cameras and animals. They’re kind of like charm necklaces for the urban voyager and we dig them. Saturday & Sunday

Red comes to the market from Donatella Wilson-Quintavalle with a carefully curated collection of vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories mixed in with the designer’s own original looks. It’s an off-shoot of her East Village lab for design and this weekend marks a voyage to Brooklyn for some of that style. Saturday & Sunday

Manhattan market mavens will recognize umsteigen’s distinct design sensibility right away — designer Susanne Schubert has been a fixture at shows for years and her A&F connection goes back to the early days of the market. Saturday & Sunday

Who doesn’t love a fun brand collab? SheePoo is Tracey Lin and Fanfan Yang’s reunion project – 2 childhood friends from China reconnecting years later to work their magic. In this case: a jewelry extravaganza made from modeling clay, Swarovski crystals and beads with inspirations taken from human anatomy and fantasies. Can we say yowzers!?!? Saturday & Sunday

FELTbyNidhi is designer Nidhi Patel’s remix of Western styles with Eastern stones and matter. Nidhi works a variety of semi-precious stones into her mix of original, hand-made jewelry pieces that are nothing short of statement pieces for today’s fearless and fiery woman around town. Saturday only

Curiosity- and vintage-seekers will be satisfied by newbies (at least to us) coming to show, including PuppetFluff – the name should say it all to you but let your imagination come out to play and see for itself, Lazy Cat Cut Coins – cut coins and medallions turned into objects of wearable art, Creative Letter Art - art themed photography collage using words and wordplay and Henson Vintage - fabulous finds from the 1940s to 1980s.

This is the last weekend for a number of our wonderful sellers at Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market so jump on the L train and check them out inside Chelsea Market, directly below the High Line.


Summer Has Arrived

Scarlett-Trop-PopIt’s June 21st and Summer has arrived. It’s here in Brooklyn in grand fashion this weekend and it is being heralded with our return to Manhattan’s Chelsea Market with the opening of our pop-up market opening today and open daily throughout the Summer. So check out, hang and shop. There’s so much to discover all Summer long!


All Roads Lead to Brooklyn

geri-poupetteThis weekend has many well-rested travelers return to where it all began from them after months or even years on the road. Let’s call it: bringing the band back together. A few exciting and notable returns and welcome backs…

It’s no secret. We dig the whole boho, gypsy, Romany thing. So we’re thrilled when Poupette’s Geri Roucaute (pictured above) makes her return this weekend from 6 months traveling the world and sharing her tales and treasures. It’s a little of what makes the vicarious life worth living…if you’re not able to escape, you can pick up a piece that will take you there. Saturday & Sunday

Mike Stock is StockBoy Designs, a graphic design and apparel line that fuses science, nature and a dash of whimsy into an otherwise inspiring recipe that feels part pop art, part street fashion. Mike first set up shop with us back in 2006 on North 6th Street and has since been running shows around the NorthEast with his designs. He brings it back where it all began this weekend. Saturday & Sunday

A&F is a lot of things to a lot of people and for Tracie Howarth, founder and co-owner of Brooklyn DIY and Jewelry supply mecca Brooklyn Charm, it was a place to cut her teeth on what the neighborhood wanted to buy before jumping into full-fledged retail. Well, she’s back this Sunday for another dose of market madness in Williamsburg. Check out the earring and ring stand she and her crew are bringing to the show. Huzzah! Sunday only


American Made Summer – Part 4

Dap-Kitsch-mens-bowtiesThey say that necessity is the mother of invention. That’s the way Tyler Estes, the man behind fashionable bow-tie up-and-comer Dap Kitsch, started when he couldn’t find ones that he liked. Tyler takes his quest for unique fabrics deep into the obscure corners of New York’s Garment District plunging into the depths of vintage textile piles where ever he can find them. Then he goes to work making his originals.

Like the best of ‘em in Brooklyn, Tyler works out of his apartment studio for now meticulously cutting and sewing the patterns that will be destined for that dapper dude on whatever occasion beckons (Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th!). Before creating wearable men’s accessories, Tyler got his NYC credentials at Patricia Field  where he was THAT GUY wearing those hip and funky ties. When people asked where he got them, he had to explain that he made them. When people asked where they could get them, he had to explain that he didn’t sell them. Until one fine day when he made more and rolled the dice on whether or not people would embrace them as their own.

They did. They have. And history is still being written. That’s what makes a great American Made story.