Designers on the Move

Designers on the Move

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Every weekend marks the beginning and, for some, the end of a stint selling at the market. This weekend is no different and we call out 2 designers who’ve quickly become family – Rebecca Lockhart of Lockhart Wrks (see photo) in Williamsburg and Tammy Gia of b5linenyc in Chelsea. Both designers take, make and create their […]

Father Panik Industries & Williamsburg’s Other Side

Father Panik Industries & Williamsburg’s Other Side

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Ask Scott Machens, co-creator and co-head honcho of Brooklyn-based Father Panik Industries, his take on the past 10 years in Williamsburg and he’s apt to say that you can’t find a decent place to shoot a BB gun anymore now that the whole waterfront condo scene has developed the once desolate wasteland for alternative creative […]

Food Artisans: Jessy’s Pastries

Food Artisans: Jessy’s Pastries

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On the never-ending quest for the rare and the sublime, food fans who crave the sweet and savory and a taste of the far-away have been wowed the past few weeks with the arrival of Jessy’s Pastries, wunderkind Jessy Nahmias’ homage to the traditional Latin American sweet treat alfajores. Like most budding food entrepreneurs, Jessy […]

Artists & Revolutionaries: Designer John-Michael

Artists & Revolutionaries: Designer John-Michael

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When Greenpoint designer John-Michael Schlotter walked away from his corporate design director role and set up his studio to begin the work of turning Artists & Revolutionaries into a reality, little did he realize that his passion and instincts to create one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces from cast-off fabric bolts, reclaimed leather jackets and salvaged cotton fabrics […]

Rifle + Radford in the Spotlight

Rifle + Radford in the Spotlight

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Serious radness has officially arrived in the form of RIFLE + R A D F O R D, designer Melanie RR Edwards homage to the spirit of the Southwest with the soul of a Brooklyn-phile now on display at our Chelsea Market pop-up via Austin. Part lifestyle brand and part design collective, R+R has been […]

Williamsburg Vintage Love Crush: Shopping Wildfell Hall & the Greedy Seagull

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Wildfell Hall Vintage and The Greedy Seagull only came together recently to create their lovingly curated pop-up vintage shop at the market but dropping in to their booth any given weekend but to watch Giana Stanigar and Amy Thorowgood in action – together – is to witness a bit of that alchemy that happens when 2 […]

Hélène Pé and the New New York Souvenir

This week’s dispatch from @mollsrawks goes global and local and cosmic into the world of Brooklyn denizen and native Parisienne Hélène Pé: I Love NY complete with the heart. So cliché, pardon the French. Way too cool for your friends and family who are convinced that your zip code equates instant inside information to all that is […]

Breaking Bad with Marz Jr, Brooklyn Illustrator & Pop Culture Fiend

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Nestled neatly between IKEA and Etsy wall-hangings in this week’s Time Out NY Home Design issue is Goonies Chuck and the Water Cooler [above], an original illustration by Jason Marzloff, aka Marz Jr, a Greenpoint graphic artist and Sunday market regular. Fresh off his showing at last weekend’s ComicCon, we got a glimpse into Jason’s psyche, […]

The Not-So Little World of Wearable Terrariums

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There are no secrets here. You are dealing with layers and layers of living things. It’s rare to hear a designer and jeweler be so candid with the process of creating but Tamar Builder’s Little World Designs pulls no punches. Schooled in horticulture and a self-described lover of all things that live at the bottom […]

Snacking & Jamming with the Jam Stand

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The Jam Stand first set up shop with us in Brooklyn late this Spring with their wit, whimsy and vivacious spreads and personalities and haven’t had a spare second to turn back. The dynamic duo behind the brand is Sabrina and Jessica, 2 long-time college friends and marketers whose travels and home-stays in South and […]