A Monday Market Recap


Holiday shopping in Williamsburg

We’ve got to give it up to the folks who brought it and brought it big this past weekend including old friends and newlywed Amber TaxidermyCIRQUE and newish old friends and soon-to-be-dear old friends Twinko and beroep jewelry. Tried and true but the saying is so right-on: there’s something for everyone on your list and you should be on top. After all, you’ve got to look out for Numero Uno when you shop this holiday season. It’s what keeps things moving. The goodness continues throughout the month with new folks making their holiday market appearances over the next couple of weekends in Williamsburg and some hot, new debuts coming to our Chelsea Market digs every Monday beginning today!


Weekend WillyB Spree!

Indie-Style-Society-jean-cutoffsSo, did you hang on to your hat in the hot hot heat and got something cool to show for your fun in the neighborhood? If the Northside of Williamsburg was a club for the weekend, it may have been Studio54 meets the Tunnel – a total remix of cultures and styles. A lot of good things to show for it. Lookie here. Show us yours or post ‘em to our Facebook page, click here.


Mugging It for Dad

Teddy-Telles-Williamsburg-photo-boothWe are not the only ones obsessed with Williamsburg photo booth maven, Teddy Telles. His legions of fans and followers run global as evidenced by the comments in every language all over here. Between the props, the high-contrast Black-and-White SNL-style shots and Teddy’s genuine good-naturedness, it’s hard for folks not to have a good time especially when it came to Dad. These ones are keepers!

Hand-lettered Signs from Brooklyn

If ever there was an art form on the resurgence, it’s the hand-lettered, hand-painted sign. We’ve had the pleasure of working 2 of the most talented dudes in Brooklyn – Travis Simon and Chris Miner – over the past year as they’ve painted the exterior mural in Williamsburg and our signs outside Chelsea Market. They set up an improvised sign shop this past weekend to bring some of the art form and craft to the market, painting signs for the curious and the commercially-minded and showing off their steady hands on a quest to change the way we look at words.







The Thrill of the Kill

There is nothing quite like it. It’s the closest feeling you can get to winning the lottery. Or discovering a treasure chest in some attic or basement. Americana collector Kelly McDermott of Cosmo & Mathilda knows the feeling all too well.

She recently unearthed a massive trove of early and mid-century (20th Century, that is) carnival games from a Pennsylvania family that had run carnivals all across the country since the 1910s until the family patriarch finally called it quits in the 1970s. A walk through Kelly’s collection – pieces of which are being debuted at our pop-up in Chelsea Market for the first time – is almost a museum-worthy feat, with spin wheels, racing horses and the almighty hi striker (pictured) – soaring to 25′ tall.

Got a loft, a restaurant or a cool friend with a connection to the Smithsonian who wants this a part of the collection?


A Bounty of Brooklyn’s Best

Smelled like Spring this Saturday, less so on Sunday. That didn’t slow you down perusing and shmoozing with some of Brooklyn’s curators of cool. Shout-outs to newbies Ashalina Jewelry, Style Haven and others. A little collected collage of some goods from Evolving Habitat (birch lamp), Sna$h Jewelry (chicken claws) and Treat Me Body & Bath (jar of soap pops). All so lovely and lovingly made. Always.

Artists & Travelers

They come from everywhere with their stories. Each object has one – look at Dog Tag Designs and you will see (above). As dizzying as the choices can sometimes be, their stories are equally compelling. Jimmy Bradshaw is but one of them that came out this weekend. He was the mellow guy whose bespoke vintage work he packed in 2 bags and brought up from the Marigny in New Orleans where he currently works by way of Austin. If you didn’t get his story, you will. He’ll be back.

The folks who come. They do it right. Every weekend.

Williamsburg Weather, a Spring Teaser

The New Year got off to a whiz-bang this Saturday with a tease of Spring and things to come on the horizon in Williamsburg. People were feeling the love all around – whether they were fueling up on the latest and greatest pop-up Brooklyn brunch spot to serve up fine fare our friendly confines (Good Eats to Go) or outfitting themselves with something fresh and new and lovingly, locally handmade.

The folks who come. They do it right. Every weekend.


Chelsea Market: What Happened Was…

Though we are huge fans of nostalgia and tirelessly on the hunt for stories, sometimes less is more. In the case of our Manhattan maiden market voyage at Chelsea Market that wrapped up late Saturday evening after a 2 week residence in the shadows of the High Line, the photos say it all. And if they could talk, they would certainly share a ton of stories of their own. Because there were so many master storytellers and masterful sellers – House of Reboot’s designer market debut with their bespoke men’s fineries, Jenny Topolski of the eponymous design studio riffing off of materials of once-living authors, Americana collector Kelly McDermott’s tales behind her now-sold turn-of-the-century Dream Land Coney Island carousel, the deer antlers from Evolving Habitat, the patterns and prints of Juli Raja Handbuilt, and more.

Peep a pic on Facebook, there’s a story behind each one.