Fire and Ice for Your Summer Sizzle

produce-fresh-summer-in-the-citySummer in the City. It’s no joke. In Williamsburg, folks take the juxtaposition of brands and creative concepts seriously. So without irony we are thrilled to welcome 2 exciting debuts to the market this weekend – among the many other folks coming back with vintage hauls and handmade treasures.

Ice & Vice is gonna blow your mind with their category-defying approach to the craft of ice-cream making. Part alchemy, part artistry, pure wow, Ken Lo and Paul Kim bring the show to the market with flavor offerings that include popcorn with toasted raisin and chocolate flakes, salted bacon butter caramel with bacon praline, Vietnamese iced coffee with donut truffles, and crème fraîche with rose petal jam. This is the stuff that makes believers of us all! Saturday only

Produce Fresh Apparel is graphic designer Wilson Griffin’s fresh (ahem) apparel outfitter with graphics that fuse some retro graphic stylings with the contemporary hipness and attitude that makes all things brand Brooklyn envy-worthy (see photo). Saturday & Sunday

What would a weekend in Williamsburg be without some fashion and flair? Filippo Gurrieri’s Sunset Boulevard returns with vintage fineries galore and Jocelyn Shipley’s Helveta  Vyotlag is back with her mind-blowing, eye-catching collection of futuristic wooden jewelry and accessories.


All the Colors of the Rainbow

camelo-pardus-prints-bikiniSummer is here. School is out. July 4th is near. And Pride comes to NYC this weekend. Both markets in Williamsburg and Chelsea are celebrating Summer and flying high from the snazzy market and neighborhood video tour the New York Times shot of A&F market maestro telling the market story over the years (fancy, eh?). But on with the show…

First, a shout-out to many folks who’ve shown recently and return for a lovely weekend including Nadia Dayan of Camelo Pardus (pictured), Leila Khoury of LVK, Heavens Devilz and Into The Forest just to name a few. See. Them. Now.

Yellow is Miss Jessica Lee Gouws’ Williamsburg-walk-inspired, South Africa-based wicked project creating one-of-a-kind necklaces from objects lost and found such as spoons, Coca Cola bottle tops, motorcycle parts, vintage cameras and animals. They’re kind of like charm necklaces for the urban voyager and we dig them. Saturday & Sunday

Red comes to the market from Donatella Wilson-Quintavalle with a carefully curated collection of vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories mixed in with the designer’s own original looks. It’s an off-shoot of her East Village lab for design and this weekend marks a voyage to Brooklyn for some of that style. Saturday & Sunday

Manhattan market mavens will recognize umsteigen’s distinct design sensibility right away — designer Susanne Schubert has been a fixture at shows for years and her A&F connection goes back to the early days of the market. Saturday & Sunday

Who doesn’t love a fun brand collab? SheePoo is Tracey Lin and Fanfan Yang’s reunion project – 2 childhood friends from China reconnecting years later to work their magic. In this case: a jewelry extravaganza made from modeling clay, Swarovski crystals and beads with inspirations taken from human anatomy and fantasies. Can we say yowzers!?!? Saturday & Sunday

FELTbyNidhi is designer Nidhi Patel’s remix of Western styles with Eastern stones and matter. Nidhi works a variety of semi-precious stones into her mix of original, hand-made jewelry pieces that are nothing short of statement pieces for today’s fearless and fiery woman around town. Saturday only

Curiosity- and vintage-seekers will be satisfied by newbies (at least to us) coming to show, including PuppetFluff – the name should say it all to you but let your imagination come out to play and see for itself, Lazy Cat Cut Coins – cut coins and medallions turned into objects of wearable art, Creative Letter Art - art themed photography collage using words and wordplay and Henson Vintage - fabulous finds from the 1940s to 1980s.

This is the last weekend for a number of our wonderful sellers at Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market so jump on the L train and check them out inside Chelsea Market, directly below the High Line.


Summer Has Arrived

Scarlett-Trop-PopIt’s June 21st and Summer has arrived. It’s here in Brooklyn in grand fashion this weekend and it is being heralded with our return to Manhattan’s Chelsea Market with the opening of our pop-up market opening today and open daily throughout the Summer. So check out, hang and shop. There’s so much to discover all Summer long!


All Roads Lead to Brooklyn

geri-poupetteThis weekend has many well-rested travelers return to where it all began from them after months or even years on the road. Let’s call it: bringing the band back together. A few exciting and notable returns and welcome backs…

It’s no secret. We dig the whole boho, gypsy, Romany thing. So we’re thrilled when Poupette’s Geri Roucaute (pictured above) makes her return this weekend from 6 months traveling the world and sharing her tales and treasures. It’s a little of what makes the vicarious life worth living…if you’re not able to escape, you can pick up a piece that will take you there. Saturday & Sunday

Mike Stock is StockBoy Designs, a graphic design and apparel line that fuses science, nature and a dash of whimsy into an otherwise inspiring recipe that feels part pop art, part street fashion. Mike first set up shop with us back in 2006 on North 6th Street and has since been running shows around the NorthEast with his designs. He brings it back where it all began this weekend. Saturday & Sunday

A&F is a lot of things to a lot of people and for Tracie Howarth, founder and co-owner of Brooklyn DIY and Jewelry supply mecca Brooklyn Charm, it was a place to cut her teeth on what the neighborhood wanted to buy before jumping into full-fledged retail. Well, she’s back this Sunday for another dose of market madness in Williamsburg. Check out the earring and ring stand she and her crew are bringing to the show. Huzzah! Sunday only


Brooklyn Boho Chic

bon-voyage-NY-purple print dressBoho chic lands with some fierce fire power this weekend at the market as new collections debut from designers and collectors whose travels and inspirations run the globe and whose work is made within a stone’s throw of Williamsburg. This is where the action’s at this weekend.

Bon Voyage NY is a newly launched womenswear collection from Brooklyn-based designer Valentine (of Crown Heights’ Park Deli fame) and Amy Abrams that finds its inspiration in the designers’ favorite styles and in block print fabrics and gauze textures (see photo). This is the definitive must-have addition to your Summer wardrobe regardless of how you summer and where you spend it. Sunday only

Luiny Rivera of FiLiLi teams up with Coyote Negro for a dynamic design duo experience that brings these 2 designers’ jewelry and clothing to the fashion core of Brooklyn this weekend and next with their life-loving, heart-stopping new collections of accessories and casual wear. Their charm and spirit is part of the fun. Saturday & Sunday

Bombyx Vintage bills itself as a mash-up of high/low vintage from Desiree and Matthew. She works as a shopkeeper and buyer at Greenpoint’s Fox and Fawn; he’s a DJ/Producer of electronic music that travels the world to create and collect. Together they’re built a unique aesthetic that ranges from 1800’s to early 1990’s to which we say: bring it! Saturday & Sunday

If you’ve shopped an indie market in NYC over the years, you’ll immediately recognize Urban Cricket – designer and artist Gloria Erani’s line of graphic tees tanks and totes made by a couple of gals in their Essex Street LES studio alongside original pen and ink (or Sharpie) illustrations of things Erani thinks are important, funny, ridiculous, or all of the above. Saturday & Sunday

Organically-inspired and urban-flared. That’s what Eisentraut Jewelry brings this Saturday using fine design techniques with natural elements to bring designer Lindsey Eisentraut’s unique brand of fire-power to the home of hip.

Artists & Fleas is open Saturday & Sunday from 10AM-7PM and is conveniently located 3 blocks from the Bedford Avenue L train and steps from the East River Ferry on North 6th. Indoors. Cool. Hip. Come one, come all.

From Great to Greater

adina-mills-by-katiebrookecali-KBCAll the stops come out and we break into our Summer stride beginning this weekend and the sizzle isn’t just outside — it’s what’s inside and coming to the market that matters. Serious art, fashion and design. Discovery happens here. Here’s what’s new from who:

Dean Alan can legitimately be called one of the pioneers of boho chic. A native New Yorker whose wanderlust in the 1960s and 1970s led him to explore the brilliance of India and the magical Far East, Dean Alan brings an eclectic collection of menswear, womenswear and accessories that transform re-worked vintage Indian fabrics, textiles and prints into those perfect pieces for Summer. In 2 words: outrageously hip. Saturday & Sunday

Palimpsest Plates scours sales and flea markets the world over to create unique up-cycled vintage plates and old tiles and turn them into art objects. Born in Brooklyn by Emily Waters & Betts Brown, Palimpsest Plates has that heart-stopping, highly evocative knack for turning iconic images into mind-blowing mementos. Saturday only

We love when newbies debut their stuff at A&F. Be The Alpha does it this weekend with fashion fit t-shirts, hoodies and tanks for men and women inspired by the battle cry and call to action: be the alpha. Saturday & Sunday

Tse Hey is a Brooklyn-based 4-person jewelry design collective that met while working at Williamsburg DIY and jewelry supply mecca Brooklyn Charm. Though each designer has her own distinctive style, everything is handmade and crafted meticulously using custom grown bismuth crystals, casted claw necklaces with quartz crystals, unisex metal rings and funky hand engraved charms. Sunday only

On the eve of neighborhood institution Crest Fest (starting next week and featuring many makers from our family past and present), comes some pretty nifty hardware and bike-inspired jewelry from Chained Up Jewelry. Designer Angela Torres turns bike chains into objects of affection and envy. Saturday & Sunday

Summer also brings a bunch of our favorite old friends and travelers to the market. Calling A&F home for the next 2 weekends and for visits throughout the Summer is rock star (ahem) Adina Mills. Check out the latest collection (photo above via KBC Faces) from her off-season spent in her mountain studio hunting for stones and turning them into inspired design pieces. Wowie. Saturday & Sunday




Bringing Fashion Back to the ‘Burg

Designer-Michael-CallowayThey’re bringing it back to the ‘Burg.

This weekend brings a little something special to the mix as we welcome back 3 pioneering Brooklyn-based fashion designers to A&F — individuals who have been on the scene in Williamsburg and Bushwick for some time and are coming back for a spin through the market to show, share and get their latest collection pieces out there.

Brooklyn-based designer Jen Vanilla of Vanilla Medallions practices many art forms depending on the venue. Her graf-inspired work finds its home this Saturday in fluffy pillows that sneaker heads will instantly recognize, from the iconic (Nike Air Jordans) to the equally brill Jeremy Scott Wings. Of course, Vanilla has other tricks up her sleeve—including pillow-inspired jewelry—but you’ll have to check out her return at the market to find out what that’s all about. Saturday only

Vamps is designer Michael Calloway’s (pictured above) womenswear line from desconstructed, vintage and found objects that result in super avant garde, one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. Think outsider art as fashion. Years ago he captured the attention of sweater designer Koos Van Den Akker (best known for his sweater designs worn by Bill Cosby) and Koos has served as a mentor and advisor to Michael. (Some linkage here about him). Vamps has been featured in Vogue (Italy) and Bullet Magazine and pieces have been sold at Beautiful Dreamers (Williamsburg), Malin Landeaus Select Vintage (Williamsburg) and Any Old Iron (LES). Saturday & Sunday

To call Joann Berman a designer would be short-changing the scope and approach that this NYC original brings to the world of fashion and design. Her fashion is art, her art is fashion and its roots are firmly in the world of deconstruction/reconstruction and then some. She’s no stranger to the New York street fashion scene and her bio and shows reads like a who’s who and what’s what to some of what has made this place thrive since the 1970s. She’s bringing some of it back to Brooklyn where magic happens. Saturday & Sunday

Merch for You & Your Mom

Vaalbara-Designs-BrooklynMarket mavens, take note. Though this might be a weekend for Mom, have we got killer cool merch from new designers, makers and vintage collectors coming to show.

Vintage Robot taps into 2 classics with cult followings with their line of apparel and accessories that pays homage to pre-R2D2 robots. Iconic and old-school, these hand-pressed one-of-a-kind t-shirts and custom robot magnets, pins, necklaces and earrings made from old televisions, phones, computers, and watches are legitimately gaga-worthy. Saturday only

BULU Nation is India-born, Kansas-bred artist Naseeb Kaur Gill’s earrings comprised of post-consumer plastic  straws, thread and adhesives for a look that fuses some of this designer’s sense and sensibility of global grit with the American prairie. Saturday only

Vaalbara Designs has the quintissential gear for the carefree, urban hip and chic with a conscience. Their handmade bags (pictured above) meld and marry antique fabrics and vintage textiles, are constructed in LA and are equally at home at the beach, the backyard BBQ or your boho friend’s Bushwick crash pad. Sunday only

Croatia Vintage has a warm weather hook-up for vintage lovers with a wide array of  women’s vintage from the 1920s to 1970s including dresses from the formal to the floral to the printed and the carefree. Dig through collector Caitlin Kortokrax’s vintage belts and accessories for some accent pieces for you and maybe even a token score for Mom. Saturday and Sunday

Who said bow ties are just for dandies? Everyone should own and love a bow tie. New up-and-comer Dap Kitsch makes it easy for you with designer Tyler Estes’ line of original, self-tie bow ties in a wide range of colors and patterns. They recently debuted at the Brooklyn Museum Garden Party’s pop-up to great fanfare. Sunday only

Dylan Johnson & Shelby Kanaly create and curate a kind of pop-up gallery of their own visual art with Dylan’s (a freelance photog for neighborhood-based mag Vice and blog Brooklyn Vegan) WhatIsDoJo, Giclée photography prints on wood and hand brushed steel and Shelby’s marbled skull prints and decorated animal skulls. Seeing is believing as both artists work plays at the intersection of natural organic material and patterned shapes – order in chaos, much like life itself. Sunday only

The Urban Art Collective is artist and curator James Goldcrown’s assemblage of urban art and urban inspired artifacts incorporating photography, original paintings and raw materials into these mixed media pieces and more. UAC is a reminder that good art does not need to match your sofa. Sunday only

Re-charge with some fine baking and tropical fruit fixes. The Chocolate Swirl is baker Lisa Bracigliano’s chocolate and bake shop that specializes in handmade chocolate truffles, brownie pops and double decker brownies. She indulges those who dare on Saturday. And last season’s fan favorite Captain Ron of TropPops brings back his frozen whole fresh fruit dipped in dark chocolate and served on a stick just in time for Summer.


Your Weekend Trifecta

Fatty-SundaysWhether your weekend involves a Derby Party (with the requisite Derby pie, ‘course), some celebrating for Cinco or some gawking at the 5-Boro Bike Tour as it passes by on Kent Avenue this Sunday, we’ve got a whole lot of perfect accessorizing to make your weekend out a great one.

Hilo x Hilo means “thread by thread” in Spanish, and that’s exactly how Sari David constructs each unique piece of her thread-based art. Together with her business partner Soledad Guillera, Sari sources thread from all over the world and combines a variety of vivid colors into a single frame, resulting in an eye-catching composition. This will be Sari’s first time ever at a market as an art seller so props and a proper welcome are in order. Saturday only

Part Marie Antoinette, part Hello Kitty, Haruka Kosui’s Sunny Smell fashion-forward creations are 100% adorable. From headbands with candy-shaped poofs and lacy veils, to decorative candy hair clips with floral print, pearls, and pastel mesh wrappers, Sunny Smell will give your hair accessories a sweet little lift. Saturday only

Would you take heroin for bronchitis? Opium for gastrointestinal trouble? Back in the day, doctors commonly prescribed drugs that have since been blacklisted, and Anastasia Fokina is posing a challenge: take a closer look. Substances seen as helpful one day can be deemed terribly addicting & harmful the next. Through delicately-designed graphic tees, Anastasia and American Apothecary hope to spread that awareness and also get you looking good. Saturday & Sunday

Vera Vixeness is Native New Yorker Debbie Mangual’s passion project no doubt. Debbie, a former Middle Eastern dancer, brings her curated collection of blazers and boleros, ponchos, rompers and more inspired by and influenced by not only different cultures, but also good old rock ‘n roll. She’s also a headdress and jewelry designer, so we can’t wait to see what worldly surprises await us this weekend! Saturday & Sunday

Grace Turman Damien is a Connecticut-based artist with an interest in portraiture, but not like you’ve seen before. Right away, you’ll notice her attention to the depiction of movement and emotion. Just in time for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Grace is taking commissions for pop-art portraits, to give the whole family a colorful spin. Saturday & Sunday

Beads, beads, and more beads. That’s the driving force behind Elizabeth Snyder’s ELIZABETH44 beaded jewelry line. You’ll find fantastic one-of-a-kind pieces with precious and semi-precious stones and vintage and ethnic beads collected around the world. These bracelets come in every color in the world to step your arm party up to the next level. Saturday & Sunday

In New York, celebrity sightings happen all the time and part of the charm of A&F is that star-fuckers are a little lower key than elsewhere. But you best be on the look-out for A-list celebs when Hollywood in Charcoal rolls in, artist Jenn Martin’s Hollywood-inspired charcoal portraits of some of her favorite celebs. Girls, anyone? Oh, c’est tres Brooklyn. Saturday & Sunday

Brooklyn-bred artist Lenore Cohen is bringing her slow-down-and-take-it-all-in approach to art and the beauty that surrounds this weekend with her abstract, colorful, and detail-driven paintings. The works are gorgeous, and recently, Saks Fifth Avenue gave Lenore a five-month long solo show. Check out her works alongside Margalit Romano this Sunday only.

BOOM! We all know about chocolate-covered pretzels, but what about PB&J-, banana cream-, or mocha ‘spresso-covered pretzels? Fatty Sundays & Co. has a host of brow-raising flavors of hand-dipped gourmet pretzels (see photo), and since it’s Sunday, we see no reason not to indulge a little. On your way in or out of the bustling market or on your way to that lovely liquid lunch this Sunday, catch Allison Borowick Zmishlany and her sister, Lauren, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll let you in on their family’s snack secrets. Sunday only


Globetrotters Come to Brooklyn

vanilla-medallionsThis weekend, vintage collectors and creators from places near and far descend upon the market.But don’t get too comfy — these free-spirited jewelry makers, fashionistas, and curators of cool will be back on the road come Sunday. Tick tock, the shop clock starts at 10AM tomorrow.

You may recognize Andrea Bocchio‘s jewelry line from past market stints or from local stores in Williamsburg, Park Slope, Clinton Hill and other neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Since the Fall, Andrea has been working it, bringing her merch to markets beyond the almighty NYC – places like Austin, San Francisco, Honolulu, and San Juan. Andrea expertly braids together linen, wood, metals, beads, and sometimes spikes to create colorful, one-of-a-kind mixed-media statement pieces. Saturday only

Southside Williamsburg native Grace Colon of Piel returns to the market with an amp’d up Spring line of holistic body products—soaps, lotions, body polishes, and lip balms — free of sulfates, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, and propylene glycol, common but harmful chemicals that sneak their way into our bodies. Piel is always a crowd pleaser and Grace is always all smiles when she’s back so show her some love. Saturday & Sunday

High-fashion-model-turned-vintage-curator Carole Thompson adores fashion, but like many of us, she isn’t a fan of the astronomical price of couture and the devastating environmental toll that today’s fashion industry can involve. Luckily, with an impeccable eye for timeless, classic style, Carole rounded up enough inventory to open a brick-and-mortar store called Vintage Vixen in Charlottesville, VA. With the help of her daughter (who is currently globetrotting as a model) and two sons, Vintage Vixen offers something for everyone and she’s bringing it on the road debuting this weekend in Williamsburg. Saturday & Sunday

We love OG vendors — folks we first met in the early 2000s, the pre-flea days of Brooklyn, before the condos, when Verb was the only coffee joint in the nabe and you had to walk into the fridge at Tops for produce (some things never change). And Brooklyn-based designer Jen Vanilla is one of them. Her current brand Vanilla Medallions (see photo) specializes in fluffy pillows modeled that sneaker heads will instantly recognize, rom the iconic Nike Jordans to Jeremy Scott Wings. Of course, Vanilla has other tricks up her sleeve—including pillow-inspired jewelry—but you’ll have to check out her debut at the market to find out what that’s all about. Sunday only

Jersey City-jeweler Allison Snediker’s rescued hound, Banjo, is behind the Banjo and Bone name, but not all of Allison’s up-cycled and vintage pieces have the same twang. The Banjo and Bone line featured in New York Fashion Week last fall, not to mention in 37 West Elm storefronts and in international hotspots like London, Paris, Italy, and Israel. Once you see Allison’s fabulous line, you’ll too want to “set forth, travel and craft on.”  Saturday & Sunday 

Artists & Fleas is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. in sunny Williamsburg at 70 N. 7th Street, just a hop, skip, and jump away from the Bedford L train stop.