Williamsburg Brooklyn, 2003

Williamsburg Brooklyn, 2003

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On my desk hangs a photo that Amy and I took standing together on the road to Tulum. There was no such thing as a selfie. It was late November 2003. We ditched Thanksgiving in Brooklyn to clear our heads and chase the sun before we were to return and open Artists & Fleas on […]

Thank You, 8 Years Later

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On the eve of what inevitably becomes a start to the mad dash finish of the holidays, we wanted to say thanks for an awesomely exciting adventure. We started this journey on November 23, 2003 — 8 years ago today. We loved markets. We loved stuff. But more importantly, we loved and longed for a […]

Change is Good (for you & your business)

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Artists & Fleas co-founder Amy Abrams runs In Good Company, an innovative office and community co-working space for women entrepreneurs in Flatiron. She penned this post yesterday for their blog and it begged to be re-posted here. When my husband and I started Artists and Fleas 8 years ago, it was initially an experiment and […]

Lessons Learned for Indie Biz

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Peter from Polluted Eyeball, a Bushwick-based silkscreening and design company, shot us an email late last week on the eve of us opening our new space to share some memories of his early days at the market (excerpted below). Just so fucking great to get an email like this. Of course we remember Peter. In […]

(Flea) Market Moves

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We closed down 2010 and bid farewell to our old, humble digs on North 6th Street (below) late last week. Few of the vendors who have treated the market as their home away from home (or storage locker, or hoarding station, or pop-up shop) for the past few years shed a tear as they packed […]

Williamsburg 2.0

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We started Artists & Fleas in 2003 with a simple mission: to create a place that would welcome anyone in and around the neighborhood who made something, collected something and wanted to try and sell it. It was about providing a low-to-no barrier to entry place for people to try and ply their trade and […]

The Birth of Artists & Fleas: 7 Years Ago This Weekend

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In 2003, we started Artists & Fleas and promoted it largely through email, grass-roots networks, word of mouth. We’re picking up where we started and sent out an email to friends earlier today. Below is that email. 7 years ago this weekend, Amy and I woke up at the crack of dawn (8am), rolled up […]

A Letter to Duane and Stumptown

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Dear Duane, I had the chance last week to spend some time at Stumptown Brooklyn and stood in the shadows of the roaster (the person and the machine) and wanted to share a few of my thoughts on the experience. I wanted to do so because, honestly, I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I’m […]

Counting Down: 7 Weeks to 7 Years

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7 years ago today, I was riding my bike around the Northside after my daily evening swim at the Metropolitan Pool (it was a lot nicer then, having recently undergone a renovation a few years earlier). My mind was free and clear and I was working hard at a job but was feeling a little […]

The More Things Change, the More They…

We spent yesterday evening under a blissfully clear night sky at East River State Park for OSA Presents Modest Mouse at the Williamsburg Waterfront. The scene, the vibe, the mood, the temperature, the music, the vendors were all AMAZING. We had a rock solid line-up of local artists and designers from the Artists & Fleas […]