Flea Markets, Pop-Up Shops & the Army of Gypsy Nation Purveyors

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The pop-up shop. That “limited time only” fortress of I-gotta-have-it-now retail therapy that seemed to gain more and more momentum these past couple of years until even big box retailers started doing it. Love it or hate it, pop ups are one of the greatest compromises in retail trends to emerge from the obnoxiously skyrocketing […]

Just Grillin’: 3 Burger Tips for Your 4th of July

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A departure of sorts from our traditional Friday dispatch featuring newbies (this week’s include some colorful collections care of Albertini Addiction and ShanideCleo) in honor of the holiday weekend. We’re lucky to have grillmaster Dan Petersen whose That Burger Tent has graced us with his fine Pat LaFrieda blend of beef and killer portobello burgers since […]

Bird, the ‘Burg & Jen Mankins’ Brooklyn-based Bet

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This is the first of 5 feature pieces in our series on Retail Alchemy 101, a weekly Wednesday feature for the retail, indie fashion and entrepreneurial-marketing inspired set. So much has been said and written and video’d and blogged about Jen Mankins, the polite visionary behind Brooklyn-based Bird, a no-joke powerhouse purveyor of smart styles, fashion […]

Retail Alchemy 101

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What’s the recipe for retail success if you’re an independent retailer striking out on your own? There are at least a dozen variables – some that you can control, most that no one can really control. Location. Merch mix. Price point. Traffic. Density. Timing. Trends. The marketplace. And that elusive pixie dust that comes from […]

A Perfect 10 Williamsburg Weekend

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Fan-freakin’-tastic weekend all around the ‘Burg between the start of Northside Festival, CrestFest, Williamsburg Walks (just to name a few) and just a delightful weekend of back-to-back rocking weather days. Shout-out to Simon from Pigeon Be Pigeon for representing the whole family of artists and designers at A&F on Bedford Avenue for the Walks. We […]

Crest Fest Your Head Off

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2 years ago we got acquainted with Joe Franquinha as he embarked on reinvigorating Crest Fest and the Crest Hardware Art Show — his father’s decades-long commitment to the community of artists and makers in Williamsburg and Bushwick and North Brooklyn in general. We brought a bunch of artists and designers from the Artists & […]

Brooklyn by Bike

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On the final weekend before the arrival of the new East River Ferry (service officially started today), we pause to remember the only other way you could possibly feel some of those seabreezes and ocean spray, albeit from several hundred feet up while crossing the Williamsburg Bridge. Pedi-peeps and bike fans out there, send us […]

Brooklyn Hunting, Indie Exploring & Flea Finding

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We say it so much that it just might be time to get that tat on one of our backsides that says it: the thrill of the kill happens best at the market. With all eyes on Williamsburg this weekend, let this be your guide to a wonderful world of discovery as your cruise the […]

They’re Here: Williamsburg Waterfront Concerts

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Artists & Fleas @ OSA Presents: At The Williamsburg Waterfront is an exciting collaboration with North Brooklyn’s NY Parks Department organization the Open Space Alliance of North Brooklyn (OSA) and OSA Presents. Now in its second season along the Williamsburg Waterfront, the concert series has a memorable past originating in the early 2000s at McCarren Pool […]

A Williamsburg (Love) Affair: Part 1

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I remember the first time I set foot in Williamsburg. It was December 1992, I lived in Morningside Heights and I was of age when thrift shops were the rage. I was going to one-up my outings to Alice Underground, Andy’s Cheepees, the Antique Boutique and the other shops that made up the pantheon of […]