A&F Online Shop: merchant FAQ

We are thrilled that you are participating in the online shop and look forward to selling your products on the Artists & Fleas website. Below are answers to some common questions regarding this new brand channel. For further inquiries, please contact rachel@artistsandfleas.com.  

Q When will the A&F online shop launch? 
A We are planning to launch the online shop in May and will share an exact date as soon as have finalized our timeline. 

Q How are my products going to be priced? 
 We will sell the products on our site at your Artists & Fleas market price or online price, whichever is your "retail" price. In the interests of transparency, we prefer that products found on our online shop be at the same price point as those found elsewhere online.

Q How much will you charge me to participate? 
 There is no participation or listing fee. We will take 30% of the product price when it sells and the rest will be paid out to you. This agreement will be in place for six months, at which time we will evaluate the sales channel and if needed, make changes to the terms. 

Q What happens if products are damaged or lost? 
 We will pay you for any merchandise that is lost or stolen while we are in possession of your products.

Q If my product(s) are sold, when can I expect to get paid? 
 We will issue payouts for products sold at the conclusion of each month via PayPal.

Q How many of each product do I need to provide?  
A You must provide us with five of each selected product that we will hold in our office. Any products that do not sell will be returned to you. We will have all products styled and photographed for the site.

Q Who handles fulfillment? 
 We will take care of all packaging and shipping – that’s why we ask that you provide us with the physical products – no hassle on your part!

Q What happens if a product sells out? 
A If any of your products sell out, we will ask that you provide us with a replacement product within 48 hours. Please let us know if you are unable to reproduce any of the products we’ve selected within that time frame.

Q Is my participation in the online shop legally binding? 
A We will be sending all participating merchants an online shop legal agreement that will detail terms of the relationship including pricing, inventory, timing etc. The terms of the agreement will be in place for six months, after which Artists & Fleas, LLC will reevaluate and amend as needed.