Williamsburg Art & Fashion Weekend Cont'd

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend caps off NYFW and quite a few fashionable friends and folks in the know can double-down and score some goods that our own crew of designers have steadily been creating, unveiling and making during these frothy days of New York City Fashion Week non-stop. Adina Mills makes a return to plant the seeds of Spring. Her geodes and gems (photo above) weave and criss-cross the genres of wearable art, an homage one could say to Mills' own wanderlust and fascination with stones found from her own travels between the 2 coasts that she calls home. Catch her on this stint come Saturday.

Art in the house. Mike Lindwasser of the eponymous Mike Lindwasser Photography returns and resets our love of urban landscapes and the natural world with his latest prints and canvas blow-ups. He's not your typical puzzle-master but artist Tim Kelly has been on a global mission to engage people in making art. His Puzzle Project is a work in collective and collaborative art-making and it's pretty damn cool. He'll be teasing the work he's soon-to-show as part of our Spring pop-up at Chelsea Market. Saturday & Sunday

Messie is on the flipside of wearable art with super fresh and smart jewelry that play with color and geometry. Stunning and simple - these beg to be touched and tried. Sunday

2 newbies for your sweet tooth sensation this Saturday. Vanessa brings back the CheeseCakeCarousel, an insanely delicious twist on the classic cheesecake turned into bite-size (okay, maybe 3 bites) morsels of honest-to-god-have-mercy delight. Daly Pie debuts in these parts of Brooklyn with baker phenom Meghan Daly's latest and greatest addition to the world of brilliant new takes on American classics. Treat yourself this weekend for an afternoon pick-me-up.