Nina Choi, the Memo Bandit

Nina-Choi-the-memo-banditSpring has sprung and all of a sudden it hits you. Weddings. Mother’s Day. Baby showers, housewarmings, birthdays. The list just goes on and on. A card’s a card right? Just paper and an envelope? Not the case with the Memo Bandit. Nina Choi’s whimsical cards contain lots of surprises: a decoder or a secret message or even a little pouch of hugs and kisses.

Get one for your mom, get one for a bunch of people, get one for us! A letter in a REAL mailbox delivered by the USPS and not sent to your inbox can change the outcome of an entire week.

The Memo Bandit is at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg May 5th & 6th.