The Cool, the Crafty and the Mighty Makers: What's New From Who

vintage-burlap-grain-pillow-Leslie-JansonCrafty can connote many different things to many different folks. This Williamsburg weekend, it's taken to refer to the makers - those skilled in the art of the sew, the stitch, the art of the find. And with Renegade Craft Brooklyn coming to the waterfront, you'd be hard pressed not to feel the makers everywhere. And we're bursting at the seams this weekend with over 15 new sellers - from DIY to vintage, in fashion and jewelry and technology and beyond. Muddyum is designer and design studio maestro Maryam Choudhury's line of hand-drawn and hand-stenciled cards - funny and witty and smart and sassy. That's 4 for 4 in anyone's book!

Leslie Janson creates repurposed vintage home goods (think pillows) and jewelry (cool cuffs!) from salvaged burlap bags among the many other artifacts of bygone Americana (see above photo). This is the craftsmen's approach stripped of all pretense: simple and inspired everyday objects turned into things of beauty and purpose.

As an illustrator, Julia Griffel loves nothing more than to take her fans to a trippy Tim Burton-esque place where mixed media gadgets and gizmos turn the products of our daily lives into pieces of usable art. Think iphone cases wink-wink.

Shae ~Uniq~ Chic is jewelry artist Alisha Hawkin's debut collection of accessories based on the beauty of crochet: earrings made of fabric, ribbons and beads.

TreatMe! makes a long-awaited return to these parts having spent the Winter months where it's warm and worked up a whole bunch of clever new recipes and concoctions for soap-maker Teneshia Griffith's true artisan creations.

There's A LOT more coming to market this weekend for you to indulge in and enjoy - shake a tail and head on down Saturdays & Sundays from 10AM to 7PM. Pack a picnic, pull a forty, bring your sunscreen and take a dip in the hip.