Vintage Prints and Today's Urban Time Travel

1970s-textiles-vintage-blankets-printsWe all know that feeling of stumbling across something - a pair of worn Levis cut-offs, a classic leather biker's jacket, a rare tote bag - that within a moment throws you back in time and place to when you had something just like it. The world of vintage shopping (or hunting, or thrifting) has become a lot more complex these days with designers upcycling fabrics and repurposing old materials but giving them a new lease on life and turning them into things that are fresher, more contemporary. They can be the stuff of time warps --- you know the look, your muscle memory and sense of touch runs deep even if you cannot recall exactly the time or place. The work of Alex Campaz gave us a taste of it several years back. The bold, geometric colors and placement of high-contrast textures found in his sweatshirts reminded us of old soccer (read futbol) jerseys from the 1970s. Designer Patricia Lie from Shopshmata uses some of those cozy camo-printed cotton printed t-shirts that were all the rage back in 8th grade. We recently got thrown back 30 years while passing through a flea market in Tel Aviv-Jaffa in Ma'asiya, a shop that felt like the love child of Design*Sponge's Grace Bonney and Jack Dorsey's Pinterest board if he had one. Colorful. Immaculately organized. Brilliant design. Tactile inspiration for the curious. There were piles of frocks, shirts, skirts and aprons in bright hues and patterns. The waffle-iron texture was familiar but the details were fuzzy and elusive until the designer came up and said: Those were the sheets and blankets we had growing up, remember? And with that, it felt like time had stopped and we were experiencing the fermata. We bought 2.