Land of the Free, Home of the Brave: What's New From Who

The-Brave-Collection-braceletBefore Jessica Hendricks' The Brave Collection became the buzzed-about "it" kid in style mags and blogs and the subject of thoughtful pieces elsewhere, Hendricks was just an ordinary lass fusing 2 passions: doing good in the world (in this case, raising awareness of modern-day slavery and trafficking) and making nice things for people. The Brave Collection makes its Brooklyn debut this Saturday bringing her handmade signature brass bracelets (above) made by a community of artisans in Cambodia to our community in Williamsburg. Change is afoot. There's something in the air (or maybe the Williamsburg water) that has us seeing a lot of old friends from back in the day return with new projects and killer cool designs. Maya Coppola (aka Very Cool Jewels) and vintage powerhouse Ashley de Vries of City Owl recently teamed up to create a new accessories line for men and women that is rooted in Ashley's knack for re-imagining found objects and Maya's skilled hand as an artisan. The results are stunning by these flea market friendly folks. Saturday & Sunday

Camelo Pardus has the saving grace to your Summer sizzle at McCarren Pool. One-of-a-kind swimwear handcrafted with love. Just the way we like them --- because Summer isn't quite the same if you're wearing the same damn bikini everyone else has. Saturday & Sunday

We dare say that cupcakes are so...2010. Like you, we've been searching and craving something new and different. Behold: the cake-cup. It's a twist on a classic and Bee's Knees Baking Co. has a huge hit on their hands. But don't take our word for it. Put one way, throw one back, bask in the flavor of what's new and different and uber-hip. Honey Bourbon, Chocolate Toffee, these are the next wave on the local eating scene. Saturday & Sunday

Jacquie Bird popped in earlier this Summer to introduce her latest designs from SilkWire Jewelry and they knocked our socks off. We've seen a lot of wire-wrapping and a lot of silk in our days but there was something that made our heart skip a beat when we saw the way she fused these 2 forms with beads and gemstones virtually suspended in mid-air, ethereal and earthly all rolled wrapped up into one. Saturday only

Mission-based business makes for good business. Olabiyi Dipeolu EEKONOMY knows it well, creating unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with members of the deaf community near and far. Saturday only

By day, Michele Stanger is a film and fashion producer. By night, she is an avid photographer and silversmith. She brings her passion for fashion on her own terms and her keen eye for what's cool to the market this Sunday.

A few familiar faces that are notable as they bring out new pieces this weekend so take heed world and come get what's cool (in the cool) from 2 not-to-miss Melissas: Melissa Moore's Nikkuu Designs and Melissa Draugsvold's Draugsvold Jewelry.