Makin' It: Crayolas, iPads and Handmade

Jordan-Dene-Crayola-Handmade-coolIt's not often that you'll find something online that mentions the iconic school-house brand Crayola alongside iPad but designers and makers Kira Silver and Jordan Ellis are doing just that. And literally doing it side-by-side as they did this weekend and do this coming Saturday & Sunday in Williamsburg. Kira's By The Baker label hand-weaves high-quality scarves and cowls using mostly silk and wool, and uses the left over pieces to make chamomile or lavender filled sachet packets. She also has hand woven iPad cases. She's been doing it for several years but is just now starting to get the business off the ground in a real way rockin' the looks, polishing her Etsy site and getting to market. Jordan Ellis of the quasi-eponymous jordan dene makes aprons and costumes for kids as well as a genius Crayola crayon holder belt that would be the bomb of your holiday gift-giving (pictured above). The crayon belts (or bandeliers as the locals have come to call them) are going to be featured in Real Simple later this fall but if you want to get a jump on it and touch and feel them in real life, Jordan will be holding it down this weekend. 2 makers making it and loving it.