Halloween Then & Now

Halloween-Merry-Makers-2010 One thing's for sure in these changing times, they can't take history away from us. So for all you nostalgia fans and Halloween dress-up freaks, we've culled through the fan photos from the past several years and invite you to peep 'em and see if you remember those days (or the day after, for that matter) of a fateful and fabulous Halloween costume contest from October 20__. Some gems of a photo of folks we haven't seen in a while including Andrew Clancy of Any Old Iron (2009), Giana Stanigar of Greedy Seagull (2010), last year's contest winner Shanna Nash/Snash Jewelry (see below) and many many more.

Got a photo we missed? Share it with us on Facebook or email it to us and we'll include in our world class Williamsburg is Always Halloween album.