Makin' It: From Renegade to Regular

JWhite-textilesJWhite first appeared on the scene - on our cozy and bustling corner of Brooklyn, at least - back in June when Renegade Craft Festival descended upon the Williamsburg waterfront. A few folks scoped her out and gave her the skinny on setting up shop at A&F and fast-forward 6 months and this experimental gal has been pushing the limits each and every weekend. The creator behind the line, Jessica White, studied Fine Art and started with print making but always liked to experiment with new mediums. So she bought a screen printing kit and signed up for a sewing class after moving to New York from Detroit two years ago. Since then, she’s been building her business and perfecting her art. Using earthy textures and soft fabrics, Jessica started making one-of-a-kind tank tops that evolved into circle scarves that incorporate her original drawings, often incorporating block prints and hints of global patterns using different variations and colors.

Since quitting her job to focus on her art full time, JWhite has gone to new heights and we're excited to see what the next 6 months have in store. Check out all the new pieces (these make some great gifts, hint hint) from the JWhite collection every weekend at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg or catch her at other markets around the City this holiday season.