What's New From Who

vintage-brooklyn-bar-tumblersObama wins. The L train is back up and running. And it's going to be 61-degrees on Sunday. It feels like the making of a new world order, almost. Throw in over a dozen newbies to the A&F crew this weekend and it's like a new world order on steroids. Come see for yourself! Simply Curated is simply cool. Sarah Cooley brings her tasteful style and attention to detail to the market this weekend, showcasing vintage decor items for house and home, big and small including typewriters, a vintage moroccan side table, vintage wooden library card catalogs, tumblers (see photo) and more. Saturday & Sunday

Need some art in your life of the wearable, hangable, make-your-friends-envious variety? C'mon, who doesn't? Have we got a rundown for you. On Saturday & SundaySophisticrits is fun, flirty and downright quirky prints and custom pet portraits by artist Jennifer Browning. Mallory Musante turns gorgeous leather shoes made for walking into style pieces that also serve as wearable art --- seeing is believing and these are drop-dead gorgeous (Sunday). House of the Black Wolf takes folks from light to dark and everywhere in between with photographer and illustrator Alex Copeland's ink drawings. (Saturday & Sunday).

2 newbies whose name says it all: Kowaikuma aka scary bear ain't nothing to be afraid of. Rather, it's bookbinder and graphic designer and illustrator Andre Bassuet's line of lovely albums, books and artist books with a nod to some time spent in Japan. (Sunday) Rosemary Romeo's IDontDordinary is the stuff that hardcore makers are made of - the folks who see a helluvalot more than an eating utensil in that fork in your hand. There's little that Rosemary won't repurpose or reimagine and she's bringing a bit of it to the show this Saturday.

If you're hunting for cool jewels, look to Denisse Aneke Accessories that takes seed beads and gems and incorporates weaving bead techniques to create masterful pieces of silver and stone and Pretty Poet Ink and designer Afiya Augustine's one-of-a-kind pieces that blend history, mythology and the world in between.

If you've spent a minute walking up and down Bedford Avenue these past few years, chances are you've come across Brooklyn Chic Handmades. Designer Kathryn Hyatt has seen her street-side passion blow up into a full-fledged business but she continues to keep it close to the street, specializing in handmade hats and scarves with an urban edge. Saturday