In Mad Love With Rubina

Rubina-clutches-BrooklynIt's rare that we gush so effusively. But when designer and artist booster Kari Litzmann brought Rubina to market this past weekend, we were blown away. And we haven't stopped thinking about her collection. Kari and a design partner are making it in the world of remixing old and new - tapping into traditional forms of craft-making and mashing them up with contemporary design. The West Bengali technique of shantiniketan is comprised of embossing and hand-painting goat leather. Rubina employs 6 artisans in Kolkata in taking this traditional craft and turning it into market-ready marvels. Dig the colors, the textures and the stories. Kari was on to tell the stories behind the work last weekend and she returns this Saturday, March 9th to Williamsburg to do it all over again.

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