Makeup or Breakup Playlist by Kevin Anthony

Something about the slow and steamy days of summer are prime for making up or breaking up.  So whether you're single & ready to mingle, in the middle of a summer fling or recently heartbroken - we created the perfect playlist to help ignite that new beginning (or help ease the heartache)!  In either state, we think some perfect #marketfinds and chill soulful songs are a perfect salvation to get you through this summer full of feels. 

#AFinsoho has teamed up with music duo Miziwab (@kevinanthony3000/@djrajasick) and selected their makeup or breakup 'Wide Eyed Lovers' playlist for our go to summer tracks. For every tune about falling in love, there's a sultry counterpart. The playlist standouts are jazzy/new soul Southern Cal trio Moonchild with tracks like “All The Joy” and “Cure” to help put you in a euphoric state of mind. The counterpart is the powerful break up Anthem “Where Did I Go?” by U.K jazzy and soulful vocals goddess Jorja Smith.

Stayed tuned for more collabs with Miziwab to curate more playlists, album reviews and selections from our vinyl guru Eat Records. Give a listen to Wide Eyed Lovers- we're sure you'll agree that this is the soundtrack to your summer.

Wide Eyed Lovers Playlist




Strand Sip & Shop: Book Nerds & DIY Lovers Unite!

Attention book lovers!  Starting this September, the Strand will be adding 4 new genres of boxes to their highly addictive Book Hook Up subscription box program!  Haven't signed up yet?  Think Birch Box for book addicts.  They'll be previewing the new line up at our August 17th & 24th Soho Sip & Shop parties from 6-9pm.  Grab a drink and get a sneak peak at what's in store!

Strand Book Hook Up

At this week's party, August 17th, I Am Here Brooklyn will be leading a DIY wall hanging workshop where you can design & create your own one of a kind piece! Make any purchase during the party and you're entered to win a raffle including a gift card to Strand, a necklace from Cynthia Rybakoff and Artists & Fleas merchandise. See you Thursday!

Rosé Gold: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Trend

Rosé Gold is the beautiful moment when your rose gold jewelry matches your glass of rosé. Oh yeah – when your wine matches your jewelry, you know you've got it going on! But let's break it down one more time and answer the question we're all still curious about, what is rose gold? Is it gold? Is it natural?? Is it real???

Rose Gold

Plain and simple: rose gold is made by combining gold with a little bit of silver and a little more copper to give gold a pink tone.  So yes, it's real and it can be found naturally in parts of the Middle East. If you're sensitive to copper, it might turn your skin a little green but, because there's less precious metals than solid gold pieces, rose gold won't break the bank! 

We sat down with jewelry designer and rose gold advocate, Cynthia Rybakoff, to get her tips on when & how to wear it. 

What's your favorite way to wear it? Ideally with a tan. Right now I'm wearing a lot of white, bone and black. Rose gold is my metal of choice with all my summer neutrals plus pastels like mint, peach and baby blue.

What can you pair it with? A light fish or summer pasta with veggies. It also goes well with all white metals like sterling silver, white gold or platinum.

Do you think it's a seasonal metal? Absolutely not! Come the colder months, it looks fabulous with heavier fabrics in colors like hunter, chocolate, cranberry and navy. Rose gold with black has become a year round classic look.

Any other thoughts about rose gold? Rose gold is not just a trend any more. It's become a necessary part of a well rounded jewelry wardrobe. The warm pink metal color looks great on all skin types, and can look more sophisticated than bright gold. A versatile pair of hoops or studs, a simple chain, a few rings and a substantial cuff in rose gold are 5 easy pieces to start your own rose gold collection!

Discover your next favorite rose gold piece from Cynthia Rybakoff daily in our Soho and Chelsea Market locations. Make a purchase at our Sip & Shop party in Soho on August 17th for a chance to win a rose gold piece from Cynthia's collection!

New Right Now at Chelsea: 7/31 - 8/13

Rhea Kulscar
Jewelry that functions as wearable art, featuring one-of-a-kind pieces that highlight unique and unexpected combinations of beautiful materials like natural geodes, gemstones, crystals, chain and tassels. Each piece is inspired by the many facets of life in New York City and is intended to create a statement.

Rhea Kulscar

Paste USA
Silkscreened apparel and prints featuring graphics and designs by Jason Laurits. Drawing from his background as a musician and his love of the process of making things, each design is experimental and the collection is ever-evolving.

Paste USA

Real Bearded Men
Our favorite beard grooming gurus of the Real Bearded Men are back at Chelsea with their arsenal of all-natural beard oils, balms, combs and more to help you reach maximum beard potential! Chat with them in person for the best tips and how-to's on how to have the shiniest, fullest and most glorious beard you could ever fathom.

Real Bearded Men

Chacana NYC
Chacana NYC brings a splash of color to Chelsea with their hats, shoes and bags handcrafted in South America. Bright colors and bold printed fabric area a perfect way to top off all of your summer looks.

Chacana USA

Dani and the Rings
Dani and the Rings was born as a collaboration between mother and daughter in celebration of the bond between mother and child, between family members, or lifelong friends. Founder Luchiya Vavouliotis crafts her pieces with the goal to redefine what fine jewelry can be, and how it should be worn.

Dani and the Rings

Min & Mon
Min & Mon is a New York City-based handbag label dreamt up in 2015 by three friends, an artist, a musician and an architect, who were inspired by the idea that bags should be fun, changeable, and beautiful. Their bags and accessories are finely crafted in the artisan tradition of the Andes, and their signature prints and eye decals add personality to any outfit.

Min & Mon




#AFinBK Merchant Spotlight: Mutant Cactus

Our friends and #AFinBK frequent-flyers Jared from Urban Cactus and Al of Mutant Land Art recently teamed up, forming merchant supergroup Mutant Cactus. It's a collaboration made in heaven - we had to ask them how their brainchild came about. Find out what they had to say below! 

Mutant Cactus

Tell us about yourselves!

J : I do a lot of different things. I went to an art school where I was introduced to a lot of different mediums… and Urban Cactus, which is my personal brand, and here now in this collaboration Mutant Cactus I try to bring all of those elements to the table. I like to give everything a rustic, quirky, handmade feeling.

A : My brand is Mutant Land and it’s kind of scary cute, whimsical, wonky, and weird; like dead rockstars and combination creatures that don’t exist in real life. 

When did you two start selling at Artists & Fleas?

J : It’s been about three months now… I’ve always come here over the years. I’ve probably known about it for about five years now. I happen to know Stephanie through friends and when I decided to start selling I hit her up and here I am!

A : Originally I sold through Artists & Fleas during holiday season probably about 10 years ago. I came back in the Springtime this year.

How did the idea for Mutant Cactus, your collaborative brand, come about?

J : I met Al at one of the events maybe a month and a half ago and we became friendly during some downtime and we started talking and admiring each other’s stuff and thought it would be cool. Initially it started off as a “hey, can you make me a cactus pillow and I’ll make you something?” and then one day she messaged me about sharing a table as a cactus collective.

A : We were set up by each other and we liked each other work and he liked my painting style and I liked his sculptural, goofy style and we were like how can we make this work together? In the future we’re going to do a collaborative sculpture piece, Another thing in the works is to take a larger terrarium and place sculptures that we make within it - kind of like an alien landscape vibe…

Mutant Cactus

Do you see this collaboration evolving and lasting long term?

J : Yeah! We’ve just begun and we’ve made about five pieces that are working pretty well. Our common theme is repurposed and recycled materials - we find old bottles and boots - I literally will be walking down the street and have tunnel vision for objects that could be plant vessels. So if i find a boot I’ll pick it up and ask Al to paint something crazy, she paints it and gives it back and I’ll figure out what plant to put in it. It’s a natural born collaboration.

What have you learned from selling at Artists & Fleas and collaborating with each other?

J : Interacting with people who are interested in buying, when to play something up and when to not talk. I’m still learning that and about how people want to be treated. It’s a delicate balance between reading someone’s body language and playing it by ear. 

A: It’s nice to have buddy to bounce ideas off of... in the creative process it’s easy to get each other psyched about the ideas that we have.

Dave Godowsky is Filling the Pop Out With Art This Weekend

Brooklyn-based abstract artist Dave Godowsky is bringing his contemplative, ethereal chalk creations to our Williamsburg market this weekend. Depicting both familiar scenes, such as the view of the city from Fort Tilden, and some more abstract renderings, Godowsky infuses local flare to his chalk meditations. Read Godowsky's statement about what inspired him below:

"Tilden w city" 2017

"Tilden w city" 2017

"America was already at the height of click-happy surface-level culture in November 2016 when the government shifted. I found myself (like many others) slipping further and further into an anxious abyss. Envisioning these calming images somehow helped. These chalk pieces are my attempt to manifest those images on paper."

Dave Godowsky Art will turn out Pop Out space into an art gallery over the weekend of July 22-23. Stop by to meditate, contemplate, and pick up some original artwork for yourself.



New Right Now at Chelsea: 7/17-7/30

Check out who's joining us!

Still Alive Lights uses innovative technologies and sustainable materials to design and manufacture lights that tell stories – lights that educate, inspire and spark wonder. Watch Cory create his lights with a 3D printer live at Chelsea for the next two weeks.

For Daniela Boari, making jewelry has been a way of expression and a sum of fascinations for her entire life. She has mixed stones, beads, metals, wood and more over the years experimenting and growing as a designer.  Her style now is instinctually mixing metals to tell a story.  The fine lines and shapes from being handcrafted are part of the tale. 

Spooksvilla is the brainchild of Shahrzad Ghadjar, an New York-based artist with roots in Iran whose interests and inspiration includes naked people, glitchy things, patterns, and pens.

Chacana NYC brings a splash of color to Chelsea with their hats, shoes and bags handcrafted in South America. Bright colors and bold printed fabric area a perfect way to top off all of your summer looks. 

Arty & Ready to Party: July 13 Soho Sip & Shop feat. Threes Brewing

This week's Soho Sip & Shop line up has us feeling all arty and ready to party.

We have three artists at this weeks Sip & Shop in Soho bringing their art for us to interact with from 6-8pm. Enjoy DIY screen printing on an Artists & Fleas tote bag if you make a purchase from the market! 

Join us this Thursday, July 13th from 6-8pm. Free drinks from Three's Brewing, who will be here serving up their killer beers, and tons of interactive and DIY chances to create one-on-one with some of our fave artists.  


John Gagliano will be showcasing and live painting work from his show, ALL I NEED. Watch while he renders his self-described "disposable thoughts" with paint on plexiglass (and snag one of these limited pieces to take home with you at the party)!

Channel your inner child and draw on the walls with Jaima ! He'll be creating a live art community mural (and score a limited edition Jaima Art pouch-free with any #AFinSoho purchase) during the party.  

Screen print a custom greeting card or tote with Susan Yenni of Embarque Textiles. Select one of her original screen prints, inspired by her love of Mexico and graffiti artists. She'll be printing on the spot or showing you how to make your own! (Free with any #AFinSoho purchase)

See you there!