New Right Now at Chelsea: 9/11/2017


Crystalyn Kae
Since 2001, Crystalyn Kae’s mission has been to design and create bags and accessories made from carefully curated and sustainably sourced materials. Both stylish and functional (adjustable straps and inner pockets anyone?), her bags are unique and feature vintage fabrics and rich color palettes. Rain or shine, these bags have got your back.


Baré Alchemy
Named after Jeanne Baré (master botanist and the first woman to circumnavigate the globe, dressed as a man!), Baré Alchemy creates skincare products in limited batches of bespoke creations. Each serum uses advanced bio-chemistry and molecular biology that benefits your skin all the way down to the cellular level. Their products are also infused with the precious Kakadu Plum, an Australian fruit that has the highest natural antioxidants on the planet.


Ariana Bohling
Ariana Bohling is a Brooklyn-based handmade shoe collection created from 100% leather and produced in Peru by local artisans in small workshops, maintaining the tradition and quality of handcrafted shoes. Founders Ariana Bohling and Alyson Kurtz believe in fair trade practices and travel to Peru to oversee the production and development process of each collection.


Melsy’s Illustrations
Jamel Saliba, the artist behind Melsy’s Illustrations, has always had a passion for art. After being gifted a fashion illustration for her birthday in 2013, she was inspired to start creating her own and quickly found herself absorbed into a new-found passion for art and illustrating. Her stylish and fun pieces quickly gained a large following on social media, which led to her leaving her 9 to 5 and starting her own company. Her illustrations are perfect gifts for fashionistas, friends, and family (or yourself!).


Yania Creations
Yania was introduced to her first set of jewelry pliers by a family member in 2007. What started as a hobby – wire wrapping and working with semi precious stones – turned into a full-fledged passion. In 2008, Yania transitioned from her career as a television producer to focus her energies full-time into Yania Creations. Her beautiful designs are created with healing gemstones which are also sure to add a dose of sparkle to your ensemble.


London-based MoYou brings the best in nail art to Chelsea with their colorful patterns and innovative stamping process, where engraved image plates and a stamp transfer designs to your nails within minutes. With over 700 image plates and 10,000 patterns, they stand by their motto “You dream it, we stamp it.” They currently have the largest range of stamping nail art designs in the industry, and they come out with new collections every month, so you’ll never need to have a boring mani ever again!


Make Up or Break Up - Part II

The music duo @Miziwab is back with Part II of the Make Up or Break Up series and this time they didn't forget the fellas. As Autumn approaches and these dog days of summer slink away with their tails tucked, preparatory deep breaths and meaningful reflections are in order. 

Our advice on Making Up or Breaking Up: 

1. Grow a beard @RealBeardedMen can help you with all your grooming needs.

2. Pick up some new wardrobe statements from @CuratedBasics to have you looking and feeling like a million bucks. 

3. Discover a new find from @Strand as the perfect solution for expanding you mind or getting lost in a great fictional story. 

4. Dial into miziwab's "Blue Flame Playlist".

Blue Flame Playlist

The blue flame occurs when the oxygen supply is increased in a fire, making it the hottest part. These playlist finds are blue flames indeed. Stand out tracks are Son & Thief, "Repair" a perfect mix of indie rock and a melodic melody with pushing lyrics while Daniel Caesar and Kali Uchis' duet "Get You" will likely stop you in your tracks with it's sultry production (courtesy of BADBADNOTGOOD) and honeyed vocals. #AFinsoho and @Miziwab (@kevinanthony3000 / @djrajasick) agree that with summer ending and Autumn on the horizon the Blue Flame playlist is essential listening. 

New Right Now at Chelsea: 8/28

Rooey Knots began out of a love for prints, patterns, vintage, and thrift shopping. Sustainable style meets luxury in this collection of headbands, bracelets, and clutches made from vintage mens ties. Even the leather and suede details are up-cycled from secondhand jackets! Each piece is hand sewn with careful attention to detail to guarantee that that you’ll love their products.


Vesper Rose jewelry is designed in New York and lovingly crafted by master artisans in New York and Bali. Every piece of Vesper Rose jewelry comes with a unique story and is the incarnation of a passion for beauty and originality.


Yania Jewelry Yania was introduced to her first set of jewelry pliers by a family member in 2007. What started as a hobby – wire wrapping and working with semi precious stones – turned into a full-fledged passion. In 2008, Yania transitioned from her career as a television producer to focus her energies full-time into Yania Creations. Her beautiful designs are created with healing gemstones which are also sure to add a dose of sparkle to your ensemble.


Chains by Lauren Lauren Noon--designer behind Chains by Lauren--fantasized about opening a friendship bracelet shop. A native Californian heavily influenced by her beach town roots, her line of braided bracelets, delicate chokers, and textured bangles have already been featured in Real Simple Magazine. Her grown-up take on friendship bracelets and more is worth checking out!


Verrier Handcrafted features original illustrations by Parsons grad Ashleigh Verrier on greeting cards, prints, totebags, and other accessories. Each card is hand embellished with glitter and paint to create custom whimsical art that makes for cherished gifts and vibrant collectibles.


Selah Vie Jewelry is designed and handcrafted by Certified Gemologist and Goldsmith, Selah Michelle. Her modern bohemian jewelry blends the spirit of her California upbringing, her travels around the world, and the vibrant fashions of NYC





Makeup or Breakup Playlist by Kevin Anthony

Something about the slow and steamy days of summer are prime for making up or breaking up.  So whether you're single & ready to mingle, in the middle of a summer fling or recently heartbroken - we created the perfect playlist to help ignite that new beginning (or help ease the heartache)!  In either state, we think some perfect #marketfinds and chill soulful songs are a perfect salvation to get you through this summer full of feels. 

#AFinsoho has teamed up with music duo Miziwab (@kevinanthony3000/@djrajasick) and selected their makeup or breakup 'Wide Eyed Lovers' playlist for our go to summer tracks. For every tune about falling in love, there's a sultry counterpart. The playlist standouts are jazzy/new soul Southern Cal trio Moonchild with tracks like “All The Joy” and “Cure” to help put you in a euphoric state of mind. The counterpart is the powerful break up Anthem “Where Did I Go?” by U.K jazzy and soulful vocals goddess Jorja Smith.

Stayed tuned for more collabs with Miziwab to curate more playlists, album reviews and selections from our vinyl guru Eat Records. Give a listen to Wide Eyed Lovers- we're sure you'll agree that this is the soundtrack to your summer.

Wide Eyed Lovers Playlist




Strand Sip & Shop: Book Nerds & DIY Lovers Unite!

Attention book lovers!  Starting this September, the Strand will be adding 4 new genres of boxes to their highly addictive Book Hook Up subscription box program!  Haven't signed up yet?  Think Birch Box for book addicts.  They'll be previewing the new line up at our August 17th & 24th Soho Sip & Shop parties from 6-9pm.  Grab a drink and get a sneak peak at what's in store!

Strand Book Hook Up

At this week's party, August 17th, I Am Here Brooklyn will be leading a DIY wall hanging workshop where you can design & create your own one of a kind piece! Make any purchase during the party and you're entered to win a raffle including a gift card to Strand, a necklace from Cynthia Rybakoff and Artists & Fleas merchandise. See you Thursday!

Rosé Gold: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Trend

Rosé Gold is the beautiful moment when your rose gold jewelry matches your glass of rosé. Oh yeah – when your wine matches your jewelry, you know you've got it going on! But let's break it down one more time and answer the question we're all still curious about, what is rose gold? Is it gold? Is it natural?? Is it real???

Rose Gold

Plain and simple: rose gold is made by combining gold with a little bit of silver and a little more copper to give gold a pink tone.  So yes, it's real and it can be found naturally in parts of the Middle East. If you're sensitive to copper, it might turn your skin a little green but, because there's less precious metals than solid gold pieces, rose gold won't break the bank! 

We sat down with jewelry designer and rose gold advocate, Cynthia Rybakoff, to get her tips on when & how to wear it. 

What's your favorite way to wear it? Ideally with a tan. Right now I'm wearing a lot of white, bone and black. Rose gold is my metal of choice with all my summer neutrals plus pastels like mint, peach and baby blue.

What can you pair it with? A light fish or summer pasta with veggies. It also goes well with all white metals like sterling silver, white gold or platinum.

Do you think it's a seasonal metal? Absolutely not! Come the colder months, it looks fabulous with heavier fabrics in colors like hunter, chocolate, cranberry and navy. Rose gold with black has become a year round classic look.

Any other thoughts about rose gold? Rose gold is not just a trend any more. It's become a necessary part of a well rounded jewelry wardrobe. The warm pink metal color looks great on all skin types, and can look more sophisticated than bright gold. A versatile pair of hoops or studs, a simple chain, a few rings and a substantial cuff in rose gold are 5 easy pieces to start your own rose gold collection!

Discover your next favorite rose gold piece from Cynthia Rybakoff daily in our Soho and Chelsea Market locations. Make a purchase at our Sip & Shop party in Soho on August 17th for a chance to win a rose gold piece from Cynthia's collection!