New Right Now At Chelsea: 5/22 - 6/4

What do tree-climbing burglars, leather goods, mystic symbolism, and pillows embossed with manhole covers have in common?

Beginning Monday, May 22nd, you can find them all at Artists & Fleas in the Chelsea Market.

Meet our newest merchants -- Most Wanted USA, a leather and accessories brand inspired by rustic western pieces and intended for the dreamer and traveler; Tamara Garvey, a whimsical illustrator whose works feature animals, food, and plenty of absurdism; Cup of Curiosity, jewelry intended to enhance the wearer’s mind-body-soul connection through mystic symbolism and precious metals; and Hudson and Kings, a lifestyle brand that brings the originality, edginess, and creativity of Brooklyn into your home with their collection of embossed goods.

Most Wanted USA

Most Wanted USA was founded in 2015 by two sisters with the hopes of inspiring travelers and dreamers. Their leather bags and accessories combine rustic western elements with bohemian accents to create pieces designed for men and women who are constantly on the on the go. Follow their journey on their instagram and check out their products here in Chelsea!

Tamara Garvey Illustration

Tamara Garvey is an illustrator based in Brooklyn who creates colorful works in pen and ink because she “loves having ink-stained fingers!” Her whimsical original pieces vary from featuring landscapes and animals to Nutella jars spewing rainbows and old fashioned burglars climbing trees. Take a peek at her prints and come pick out your favorite here at Artists & Fleas in the Chelsea Market.

Cup of Curiosity

Cup of Curiosity is a collection of jewelry that aims to infuse mystic symbolism into the daily life of the wearer. Each intricate piece marries old-world complexity with modern sophistication and hopes to enhance the wearer’s mind-body-soul connection. Take a look and come mix and match your favorite pieces here in Chelsea.

Hudson and Kings

Hudson and Kings was created in 2015 by long-time Brooklyn resident, Lan Park. Park’s collection of embossed pillows, soaps, and other goods for your home celebrates Brooklyn’s unique charm in their vintage feel and architectural look. Each piece is handmade by artisans from soft yet durable materials and embossed in Hudson and King’s signature styles. Scope out your favorite and stop by to take home your own piece of Brooklyn!

Mother's Day in Soho – Mother Daughter Maker Moment!

We currently have two mother/daughter businesses at Soho, and we couldn’t be feeling the love more! We spoke with the daughters of Verrier Handcrafted and Belle Bar Organic and found out why mothers are the best business partners around.

You know those long, late night conversations with your mom? The type where you seek her friendship AND advice? A five hour conversation between Tianna and her mom Annette Bell in October of 2016 sparked an idea for a business that has allowed this family to let their creative passions become their full time livelihood. Tianna and her sister, Solange Bell, remember when their mother, Annette, used to make body scrubs out of all natural ingredients. Annette would experiment to find the perfect recipe using the best ingredients, and to this day the three describe themselves as “ingredient junkies” rather than “product junkies.” The heart of their business is creating customized skin & hair care products based on their customers needs. In these women’s homes, they are always finding natural cures and solutions with Mom's advice. Solange herself is a mother of three and often has mother/son face mask nights! Their values in the home are based on honesty, kindness and the saying, “to have family, you have to be family.” Solange and Tianna say their mother taught them to give, be kind and always take care of others. These values carry over into their business and we couldn’t be more happy to have Belle Bar Organics set up in our new Soho Artists & Fleas location!

Mothers are an endless system of support, strength and inspiration to their children.  Ashleigh Verrier can’t imagine running Verrier Handcrafted without the support of her business partner and mom, Jude Verrier. After 10 years of running a successful fashion line, Ashleigh and Jude shifted their focus to paper fashion by crafting handmade cards and prints of fashion illustrations. Their products are colorful, feminine and full of love. Growing up, Ashleigh remembers how her mom always nurtured her love for art and dance. Today, she's inspired by her mother’s endless amount of willpower to never, ever give up on her dreams. Ashleigh describes Jude as an entrepreneur who is always finding a way to make it work. Ashleigh is excited to raise her daughter, Colette, in a creative environment, surrounded by female artists with a drive to pursue their dreams. Come see their fun and unique handmade cards now at Soho.

This Weekend in the Pop Out: Flakiki x Kelly B Stylist

Because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – nothing says Mother's Day like some fly clothing and accessories for your mini me! And of course your little ones need to stay just as stylin' as you do... We love these cute lil dope tee's and DIY time-capsule shoes. Stop by #AFinBK this weekend to see what Flakiki has stocked in the Pop Out and what else Kelly B Stylist has up her highly-curated sleeve:

Soho So Soon: Meet the Merchants

Established in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2003, Artists & Fleas has hosted thousands of artists and designers over years. We create and curate markets to showcase independent artists, designers and vintage collectors, allowing them to sell and connect with the community.

Over the course of 14 years, we've hosted a lot of merchants! Some, like Nodá Design Studio and Aliens of Brooklyn, started in our Williamsburg location on weekends and have expanded their businesses to all three of our New York markets. Others, including Jaima Artparel, are just starting out but ready to make their retail debut to the Soho crowd.

Meet just a few of the merchants who make your shopping experience with Artists & Fleas extraordinary (for the full list, visit our Soho Merchants page):


Soho So Soon: Find Us at Prince & Broadway May 12!

There are a lot of exciting things happening in New York that are keeping all of us at Artists & Fleas busy (we miss you, Venice!). We're just days away from the grand opening of our brand-new Soho location, and you know what that means – new location, new merchants, new fashion and new art – new #marketfinds. Come May 12, you'll finally be able to feast your eyes and fill your totes at the new location that everyone in the Artists & Fleas community has fallen in love with.

So mark your calendars! We'll be cutting the ribbon in no time and are gearing up to celebrate the opening of our second daily market.

You can expect to find many of your favorite merchants from all of our other locations (both coasts!) as well as new artists, designers and vintage dealers that will be arriving weekly, making Soho the newest place to discover your favorite market finds.

As featured in Bedford + Bowery, check out some of the merchants who will debut in Soho with us:




This Weekend in the Pop Out: Nylon Bee

There are many things we at Artists & Fleas love: fabulous market finds, makers with passion for their craft, dogs... the list goes on. If you couldn't tell from our Pedals & Petals event, we also have a passion for fitness and fashion. It's only fitting that we're welcoming athleisure curators Nylon Bee to the pop out in Williamsburg this upcoming weekend!

Tired of grabbing that same grubby t-shirt you got 4 years ago when it's time to head to the gym? Nylon Bee has everything from yoga leggings, strappy bras, sports tanks and hoodies in addition to beauty products & accessories. Stocking both well known and emerging brands, Nylon Bee makes a point to select products of superior quality and design. 

We picked out a few favorites to share with you before the weekend - take a look!

Adventures in Eras in the Arts District April 15

As we gather for our last market in DTLA’s Arts District off of 3rd and Traction, we wanted to let you know – this is just the start to a new Artists & Fleas adventure! Stay tuned and watch your inbox, because soon we'll be sending out the details for our new location! In the meantime, many of our long-time favorites and some fresh new faces will join us one last time at the Farmers Market this weekend.

If you're into Pin-up art and fashion, Naty B will be bringing you the best #TBT your wardrobe could ever ask for. Her dresses are structured after a 1950s silhouette, leaving the body with a cinched waist and a fluffed skirt. These fun and flirty dresses have a bust-line fold that provides the right amount class & sass all while being covered in your favorite fruits and flowers. From period inspired garments to jaw dropping jewelry pieces, Naty B has the "VaVa" for your "Voom".

Beautiful Things-LA will also be pulling up this Saturday in the Arts District. Their truck is full of SoCal-inspired modern day goodies that are great for every occasion & setting. From home décor to clothing, they have all the right accessories to scratch that fashion itch. It's the perfect place to drop in and check out if you're attending weekend 2 of Coachella. Beautiful bags, scarves, blankets, and pillows that will turn Coachella Camping into Coachella GLAMping. 

There are a lot more vendors attending this Saturday, so come down and join the festivities! We look forward to seeing everyone, and don't forget to grab a free Artists & Fleas tote bag to rep around town! 

Blue Skies and Good Vibes in Venice

LA’s infamous sunny weather is finally starting to heat back up and we’re getting nothing but blue skies and good vibes.

Last Saturday in Venice was beautiful, with temperatures hitting 80 degrees (and we're just a stroll away from the beach!). The pre-summer weather brought out a lot of our favorite faces and a bunch of new ones. 

Arlo, a great brand with amazing ready-to-wear garments for any type of style,  joined us on Saturday with a festive booth that caught the eyes of many. Cute bombers, crop tops, and chiffon blouses – you name it they've got it! They also had the cutest bikini bottom ceramic pots, which they launched at our market. The bikini pots work perfectly for small cacti, air plants, pocket change, and/or desk appliances. If you’re starting to stock up for your summer wardrobe and bulk up that beach vibe, Arlo was definitely the booth to visit.

With all the summer preparation going on, you can't forget about accessories – it's all about the details! Shop 851 was with us last week with new jewelry that's a perfect for the California sunshine. Gold necklaces that accentuate the neckline, giving just enough glamour with its simplistic detailing; earrings to match that perfect little bikini you've been dying to grace the beach with – Shop 851 always brings the hottest pieces to our markets, and we love seeing them every time!