Hiring: Market Manager for Chelsea Market

A&F at Chelsea Market
A&F at Chelsea Market

It's not just a job, it's an adventure. And in this case, it's an amazing adventure at that! We are seeking a dynamic, motivated, friendly, marketing-savvy and service-oriented individual to join the Artists & Fleas family at our Chelsea Market location for a P/T Market Manager to start mid-August.

Seeking a professional individual who loves the culture of markets and marketplaces to oversee operations of the Artists & Fleas Chelsea Market location. This unique position combines the role of a store manager (i.e. someone who is customer service oriented, has a strong visual merchandising point of view and has successfully created an exciting shopping experience) with the role of a community manager who is capable of shaping and managing a diverse and dynamic culture of independent artists and designers.

This role has three primary areas of involvement - including Market Operations, Vendor Relations/Community Building and Marketing.

Responsibilities include:

  • Market Operations Duties:  During market business hours (both when the market is open to the general public and in the time available to vendors for load-in, load-out), you will work to ensure that all aspects of the market are managed appropriately.
    • Vendor attendance
    • Assist with load-in/load-out (must be able to climb ladders and lift 30lbs)
    • Facilities management including market appearance & cleanliness, good working condition of all equipment (lights, signage, common areas, etc.)
    • Finance and collections responsibility (as needed)
    • Recruitment, coordination and management of our street promotion team and inventory of materials (flyer) and our DJs in conjunction with in-house resident DJ.
  • Vendor Relations/Community Building: You will serve as a critical team member and represent the Artists & Fleas brand to current and prospective vendors.
    • For current vendors, you will be the on-site point person during the selling day where you will be asked to engage with vendors and their sales staff (where applicable)
    • For prospective vendors, you will play a key business development role in your capacity as market gate-keeper, capturing new vendor/business inquiries and working to help vet promising prospects
    • Assist in vendor curation and selection and work as part of a team to optimize the market selling experience for everyone
  • Marketing Duties: You will be responsible for developing and assisting in several aspects of marketing the A&F brand across a variety of platforms together with A&F team members. This includes but is not necessarily limited to the following areas:
    • Event Production/Monthly Shop & Groove Evening Party
      • Participate in ideation with team on themes and handling of logistics on-site for monthly event
      • Content Creation – this refers to digital content (i.e. text and photos) for our website, blog and social media during the course of the selling week/weekend and for us to “inventory” during the week.
      • Community Outreach – identification of, and outreach to, community partners and potential partnering organizations
      • Facilitating Media Requests – assist in fielding requests and inquiries from media outlets during weekend market hours and sharing with in-house press staff member
  • Responsibility to the Company:
    • Act as an ambassador of the Artists & Fleas brand while also working to capture a bit of the characteristic that makes the A&F community a reflection of the broader NYC creative community at large
    • Participate in a weekly conference call and/or weekly meeting to review the previous week and/or to provide a status report and notes
    • Serve as a resource for A&F as someone who is on the ground and help in developing new policies and initiatives

Interested candidates should submit an email to jobs@artistsandfleas.comand include a brief description of their candidacy, a resume and/or link to a LinkedIn profile, relevant social media and/or social media marketing credentials and any additional information.

The role is ~25 hours/week and is a salaried position that includes 401k participation, vacation and additional benefits.

Artists & Fleas is an equal opportunity employer.