DJ Domewrecka in the HOUSE

The original "crate-digger" and former General Manager at York College's YC Radio, Rodney Williams, aka Domewrecka, is a residing DJ for Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Chelsea, NY.

Born Brooklyn, NY

How long have you been involved in the music industry? 25+ years

When did your passion for music begin? At an early age. My parents were always playing James Brown, Isaac Hayes, The Temptations and so many others in the house. I used to help my mom put together playlists of 45s to record onto 8-Track. Those were the days.

Who or what are your musical influences and inspirations right now? As a DJ, my influences are wide ranging. I draw my inspiration from NYC legends Red Alert and Marley Marl to New Jersey House Music legend Tony Humphries and UK Tastemaker Gilles Peterson. The music ranges from soul/funk, hip hop, disco, house, dancehall reggae, latin (salsa ,boogaloo, cumbia) and more.

What's the vibe of the A&F audience? What makes playing for the A&F audience is the fact that the locals, the tourists and the vendors are literally from everywhere and from every social walk of life. It is a completely different kind of social group than what you would experience if you were a DJ in a club. I meet families and business people from far and wide and it makes the sets I play easier in terms of connecting with people.

How has technology impacted your style and art of DJ'ing? Technology has made it easier for me to research music. I am a Vinyl DJ... although I can switch to more tech savvy stuff, there is still nothing like the back-breaking joy of carrying the wax!

When you're not spinning, where will we find you? When I am not spinning, you will find me either at a coffee shop writing or spending time with my 8-year old twins.

“Every single day, you have to do what you can to stay relevant and do what you can to reach as many people as possible. My goal is to be able to touch the hearts and souls of every lover of good music. That’s all.” - Rodney Williams