DJ Ol' Stark On the Turntable

Olivier Stark is a "Globetrotter DJ " and vinyl record digger since the 90's. He produces music for fashion shows as a top music consultant, and manages the DJ's at Artists & Fleas Chelsea Market.

A&F DJ Since: 2012

In a French word, describe your A&F sets: Eclectique

Who or what are your musical influences and inspirations right now?
I collect almost everything in vinyls from the 60's to the latest bands from all over the world. Cosmic and underground electro disco are the main influences for my ''clubbing'' sound in addition to French new wave and synth pop (Solid reference: ''La femme''). I'm also influenced by 60's & 70's US and Euro soul funk, jazz and hip-hop. My collection of original 45's can't be beat! 

What's the vibe of the A&F audience, from the locals and tourists who visit the market to the vendors who sell. 
In general the vibe is eclectic; everybody has a different taste, both tourists and vendors alike. I've found that the ideal positive shopping vibe includes all kinds of disco. From classic, electro and boogie funk, to Nu disco and Groove. It has a nice vibe and dynamic rhythm. I keep it fun and smooth, never sad or aggressive. 

How has technology impacted your style and art of DJing? 
I only use CDs or a computer to diffuse a playlist or produce the music for fashion shows. I totally respect the DJ's who use computers as an instrument (producing new sounds and creating new versions of tracks), but I disagree with using it as a jukebox to play a list of pre-downloaded tracks. Technology has allowed anyone to become a "DJ," but there are real technical skills and music culture that come with being an artist. To me, there is an incomparable sound from vinyls. Independent labels need to be supported because they discover new music from talent around the world.

When you're not spinning, where will we find you? In the record shops, of course. I spend time in vintage stores and good restaurants too. Music, fashion and good food is the art of living.

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