A Taste for the Weekend in WillyB

Up and coming indie food magazine festival “Foodieodicals” will be hitting the streets of Williamsburg starting April 11th, during the larger Food Book Fair that runs all weekend. These folks still believe in the age-old trade of print, where they can provide a tactile experience for hungry readers.

“You spill wine on us while you read a recipe. You mark a page you want to return to. You rip a page out and tack it on the wall”, says Anna Dunn, editor-in-chief of the Williamsburg-native Diner Journal

These foodieodicals provide an eclectic blend of material, such as food DIY, personal (and photo- supported) satires and recipe essays for readers with an appetite. Many of these magazines hail from NY; yet as we all know, food has no borders

Should you attend this fair (and we recommend you do!), you will have the opportunity to buy food-related merch, taste the exquisite new comings in flavors, and chat with your soon-to-be favorite chefs and authors.

The Details:
Foodieodicals at the Food Book Fair

Wythe Hotel
80 Wythe Ave. (between N. 11th and N. 12th)
April 11th 12pm–4pm
Only $5!

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