What's in Our Totes: Tony Shops for the Stylish Man

’Tis the season, and the team at Artists & Fleas has been scoping out what’s good across our market locations all season long for the best gifts for giving. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be giving you a sneak peak into what we’re into. Stay tuned for each team member’s picks for the lucky souls on their Nice Lists!

Tony, Chelsea Market Floor Supervisor, Signature Punk Presence and Performance Artist

There's a reason why Tony states in his biography on our website that he spends 80% of his time complimenting gutsy fashion choices – the man looks to be straight out of a Vivienne Westwood fantasy at all times and has a knack for recognizing uniquely bold statements. What does a man as well-dressed as Tony gift to his peers? Let's see what he's scoped out at Chelsea Market...

Soap For Sinners Soothing Face Neck And Beard Oil – $30

"It says beard oil, but it’s also a great gift for anyone who shaves. With a base of grape seed, hemp and primrose oils it also makes an effective aftershave especially if you are prone to razor burn. The organic essential sandalwood oil leaves a subtle woodsy fragrance. And as if that weren’t enough, its a lightweight moisturizer perfect for after the shower."

Curated Basics’ heavy metal accessories for gentlemen: Steel comb – $30; BALLER money-clip (market exclusive) – $20, see HUSTLER money-clip – $30 (online); electric lighter (market exclusive) – $30 

"The Steel combs are a starkly modern style statement. Throw in a BALLER money-clip, a Zippo style electric lighter and you will be the Beau Brummel of post-modern Blade Runners."

Spectre & Co. half trench coat (market exclusive – contact Spectre & Co. for more information) – $175

"They come in Tan with Kelly Green stitching or Navy with Hot Pink. It’s this eye for detail and style that keeps Spectre & Co. in the fashion vanguard."