Some Like it Hot: An Artists & Eats Special

In the spirit of the Maker Culture that inspires our business and community, we embrace entrepreneurs of all types and disciplines at our markets – which is why we’re dedicating seven weekends in January, February and March to featuring the most innovative food entrepreneurs in NYC. 

Some Like It Hot

This upcoming weekend – January 21-22 – Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg is kicking off our biggest and baddest food series yet: Artists & Eats. Drafty apartments won't be an issue – we’ve got the goods to keep you warm and cozy with Some Like It Hot, the theme of our first weekend. Some Like it Hot features treats that will warm, sooth, surprise and delight you with just the right amount of kick.

This category includes food items like hot sauces, peppers, spices, soup, drinks (hot + cold), and more.

Featured Vendors:

Filfil Foods - Filfil™ Foods was founded in 2012 in Brooklyn, New York, with the mission of “Adding Yummy to Life.”

Calcutta Kitchens - Growing up in India, food was a way of life, a way to express love and care, and to work with nature's bounty. 

Health-ade Kombucha - spotlight on their (delicious) spicy flavors like Cayenne Cleanse!

Ukuva iAfrica Ukuva iAfrica's story is a travelers' tale told in flavors: some from the original "Recipes from a Rucksack", some were added by later travelers, because such is the nature of the stories of Africa... there are many travelers and many journeys: many threads to weave into the tale.

Kyle’s Kimchi - Kyle's Kimchi was established in 2014 by Kyle aka Kimchi Monster. Kyle loves kimchi and it's a big part of his life (and he makes kimchi as a full-time job now).