A Fond Farewell to Devin Kain: Artist, Maker, Tinkerer, Prankster

In many ways, the decade that artist Devin Kain of LoveHue Studio spent as part of the market family is part of the Brooklyn story of today and the New York story of always: boy has a dream, boy leaves home (Washington) to make it in the Big City, boy finds adventure and community and fun and love that foster his passion and talents, before finally boy gets ready for the next chapter.

And so, on the closing half of the book-end of Devin's departure from Artists & Fleas, we think back and reflect on how this fellow - who started working alongside a vintage vendor in our 2nd market space on North 6th Street (next to where Toby's Estate and Madewell are today) in the mid 2000s, flew the coup for a brief stint to build tree houses in the redwood forests in Northern California before returning to Williamsburg where he married his wit and handiness in carpentry with a kind of madcap inventor whim and creativity to turn analog objects of passion (books and speakers and instruments) into newfound objects of hip, not hipster, desire - was dialed into the zeitgeist of upcycling and reimagining everyday objects into objects of art and beauty before upcycling was a thing that would put Brooklyn (ahem, Williamsburg and perhaps Bushwick) on the map.

Devin and his work will remain part of the market story and part of what fuels us to continue to create a place for more Devins and more dreamers, makers and doers from here on out. ¡Buena suerte! Devin!

- Ronen Glimer, Co-Founder of Artists & Fleas