5 Brands We Can't Wait to Sample This Weekend at Save it for Later

In the spirit of the Maker Culture that inspires our business and community, we embrace entrepreneurs of all types and disciplines at our markets – which is why we’re dedicating seven weekends in January, February and March to featuring the most innovative food entrepreneurs in NYC. 

Artists & Eats

Whether you've taken a leaf out of Portlandia's official pickling guide  or are inspired by the fermented fish of Scandinavia, one thing's certain: people love preserving. Guess what? we do too! 

A moment on the lips, forever in the fridge: Save It For Later spotlights foodie makers with a passion for the art of preserving. Check out some of the vendors who will be bringing their pantry-worthy goods to #AFinBK this weekend, January 28-29.

Brooklyn Whatever - pickles, nuts, olives and more, made in BK!

Greenpoint Cheese + Meat - grilled cheese made on site and a selection of meats, cheeses and other products from their shop in Greenpoint.

Health-ade Kombucha - this time, a spotlight on fermented flavors.

V Smiley Preserves - preserves of fruit, honey and aromatics. 

Kyle’s Kimchi - more handmade kimchi!