New Right Now in Chelsea: 10/23


Shahrzad Ghadjar is a New York native who's made her name as a coast-hopping illustrator, editor and creator of visual art. Her brain child, Spooksvilla, is a line of pins, lighters, greeting cards, prints and more emblazoned with her unique hand-drawn illustrations of mythical creatures, city scenes, and tattooed women. Self-described as “Metal-Eastern” her work spans some very esoteric subject matter, some of which is perfectly suited for the spookier season. We're totally in love with all of her creations, and with magical finds like the adult coloring book Dinosaurs Smoking Weed, who wouldn't be?


Ambica New York
Ambica New York is a jewelry brand started by Ambica, a jewelry designer whose years of experience and international background has led her to create pieces that function as elegant and bold expressions of the wearer’s personality. The three essential elements of Ambica’s jewelry that are used to capture the wearer’s essence are a play with stone facets, vivid colors, and a hint of daring. Each design is a work of passion, drawing from Eastern and Western influences and made in limited quantities with handcrafted metalwork and beautiful stones. You’re sure to find yourself in one of Ambica’s pieces, or maybe the right piece will find you!


Julie Mollo
Julie Mollo is best known as the designer behind pop star Katy Perry's iconic fruit inspired ensembles and is the go-to stylist for rockstars and party girls looking to make a statement. Julie’s designs are made for those who are looking to stand out in a sea of similarity, so if you’re feeling bold or want some exciting accessories to add to your everyday looks, Julie has got you covered! Her designs are flirty and fun with a retro vibe, and it doesn’t get much better than that.


VU Frameworks
VuFrameworks are back and they take their frames seriously! They create eyewear with an Urban Zen style, preserving the unique look and texture of genuine wood with minimal environmental impact. Keeping with their goal of awareness about endangered wood species, they've also created a faux-wood line and each design is named after restricted or endangered wood species. And for those seeking a cool skater vibe, their sunglasses collection uses upcycled skateboard wood and each pair is named after a skateboard trick, how cool is that? They're bringing their line of adorable eyeglasses in tons of fresh styles, too - we're ready to stock up!