New Right Now in Chelsea 10/9/2017

The French Mermaid.jpg

The French Mermaid
The French Mermaid is a collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry and curated handbags. Their mix of timeless classic pieces and transformed creations showcases their passion for all things fashion.  The jewelry in their collection is made from repurposed belts, buttons, buckles, and designer hardware, which brings a new life and new aesthetic to the materials. Vintage and fashion lovers alike will be delighted with The French Mermaid’s statement pieces and the stories behind them.


Paste is a collection of graphic t-shirts and prints designed by artist Jason Laurits. Each shirt is 100% cotton, made in the USA and is hand-silkscreened in Brooklyn. Jason taught himself how to silkscreen when he was a rock/electronica musician so he could make his own promotional posters. Drawing from his background as a musician and his love of the process of making things, each design is experimental and the collection is ever-evolving.


Glitterlimes is a collection of  jewelry made from real fruit and candy! Each item is preserved and then coated in a durable and delightfully sparkly glitter resin. Designer Debbie Tuch creates colorful, cute and sparkly pieces for everyone – from gummy bears to swirly rainbow lollipops and perfectly preserved slices of strawberries and other delightful fruits. Debbie is always on the hunt for new and exotic pieces to preserve and add to her collection, so keep an eye out to see what she comes up with next!

Lungta Handicraft.png

Lungta Handicraft
Lungta Handicraft, designed by Pema Rishing, makes beautiful handmade scarves that will fit every style and occasion. Using luxurious materials like cashmere, silk, and 100% wool, each well crafted scarf is sure to delight its wearer. The wide array of colors and patterns is a feast for the eyes, so come by and peruse the collection to find some cozy wearable art.