New Right Now in Chelsea: 11/20


Oohlala Petite Boutique
Oohlala Petite Boutique is a Brooklyn based line of all natural beauty products and candles created by Eni Xhori. Each of her candles are 100% soy wax and are housed in a unique containers, like hand painted mason jars and antique teacups. Eni’s beauty products use natural ingredients and high quality essential oils, and her soaps are pure eye candy! You will definitely want to come by Chelsea to see and smell them for yourself. They’re perfect for treating yourself, or anyone else you know who could use some pampering.


Swim With Sharks
Swim With Sharks is Nicole Huber’s collection of clothing and accessories inspired by living near the ocean. She grew up splitting her time between Freeport and Montauk, and the nostalgia of those fishing towns is incorporated into her designs. The aesthetics of classic coastal living and minimal design are featured throughout her pieces, as well as vintage surf and nautical elements. The name Swim With Sharks was inspired when Nicole learned that sharks swim to breathe (crazy, right?), and it is a reminder to push forward and leave your comfort zone. So, even if you aren’t living by the water, you can take home a piece of the coast life and get some inspiration while you’re at it!


Argaman & Defiance
Argaman & Defiance brings stunning silk scarves and apparel to Chelsea, showcasing an array of beautiful colors and textures. Each piece is cut, sewn, and hand dyed by Lydia Crespo in her Chicago studio. All of the dye extracts that she uses come from responsibly sourced natural materials like tree bark, roots, and leaves, and the surface designs are created by hand with water based inks. Lydia uses 100% silk for her designs for a luxurious feel and timeless style. Each piece is uniquely beautiful, and once you see them in person you won’t be able to choose just one favorite design!


Avrocomy is a line of jewelry created by Allison Jenetopulos, who splits her time between Miami and Chicago. Each and every piece is a labor of love, starting with selecting a stone and then sketching potential designs before starting the metalsmithing process. Her one of a kind items are carefully handmade from start to finish, and are made for the woman with an edge. Inspired by natural elements like the sun, crystals, and lush plant life, you’re sure to find a piece that resonates with you.