Mother's Day in Soho – Mother Daughter Maker Moment!

We currently have two mother/daughter businesses at Soho, and we couldn’t be feeling the love more! We spoke with the daughters of Verrier Handcrafted and Belle Bar Organic and found out why mothers are the best business partners around.

You know those long, late night conversations with your mom? The type where you seek her friendship AND advice? A five hour conversation between Tianna and her mom Annette Bell in October of 2016 sparked an idea for a business that has allowed this family to let their creative passions become their full time livelihood. Tianna and her sister, Solange Bell, remember when their mother, Annette, used to make body scrubs out of all natural ingredients. Annette would experiment to find the perfect recipe using the best ingredients, and to this day the three describe themselves as “ingredient junkies” rather than “product junkies.” The heart of their business is creating customized skin & hair care products based on their customers needs. In these women’s homes, they are always finding natural cures and solutions with Mom's advice. Solange herself is a mother of three and often has mother/son face mask nights! Their values in the home are based on honesty, kindness and the saying, “to have family, you have to be family.” Solange and Tianna say their mother taught them to give, be kind and always take care of others. These values carry over into their business and we couldn’t be more happy to have Belle Bar Organics set up in our new Soho Artists & Fleas location!

Mothers are an endless system of support, strength and inspiration to their children.  Ashleigh Verrier can’t imagine running Verrier Handcrafted without the support of her business partner and mom, Jude Verrier. After 10 years of running a successful fashion line, Ashleigh and Jude shifted their focus to paper fashion by crafting handmade cards and prints of fashion illustrations. Their products are colorful, feminine and full of love. Growing up, Ashleigh remembers how her mom always nurtured her love for art and dance. Today, she's inspired by her mother’s endless amount of willpower to never, ever give up on her dreams. Ashleigh describes Jude as an entrepreneur who is always finding a way to make it work. Ashleigh is excited to raise her daughter, Colette, in a creative environment, surrounded by female artists with a drive to pursue their dreams. Come see their fun and unique handmade cards now at Soho.