New Right Now at Chelsea: 6/19 – 7/2

Meet our newest merchants here at Artists & Fleas in Chelsea Market, starting June 19.

Metrix Jewelry

Metrix Jewelry was founded by Lisa Mignoli, a New Yorker who takes inspiration from geometric shapes - one of the few things that will always remain constant in a city that’s in a constant state of motion.

Ariana Bohling

Ariana Bohling is a Brooklyn-based handmade shoe collection created from 100% leather and produced in Peru by local artisans in small workshops. Founders Ariana Bohling and Alyson Kurtz believe in fair trade practices and travel to Peru to oversee the production and development process of each collection.

Most Wanted USA

Most Wanted USA was founded in 2015 by two sisters with the hopes to inspire travelers and dreamers. Their leather bags and accessories combine rustic western elements with bohemian accents to create pieces designed for men and women who are constantly on the go.


Selah Vie

Certified Gemologist and Goldsmith Selah Michelle blends the spirit of her California upbringing and her travels around the world with the vibrant fashions of NYC to create Selah Vie Jewelry.