Makeup or Breakup Playlist by Kevin Anthony

Something about the slow and steamy days of summer are prime for making up or breaking up.  So whether you're single & ready to mingle, in the middle of a summer fling or recently heartbroken - we created the perfect playlist to help ignite that new beginning (or help ease the heartache)!  In either state, we think some perfect #marketfinds and chill soulful songs are a perfect salvation to get you through this summer full of feels. 

#AFinsoho has teamed up with music duo Miziwab (@kevinanthony3000/@djrajasick) and selected their makeup or breakup 'Wide Eyed Lovers' playlist for our go to summer tracks. For every tune about falling in love, there's a sultry counterpart. The playlist standouts are jazzy/new soul Southern Cal trio Moonchild with tracks like “All The Joy” and “Cure” to help put you in a euphoric state of mind. The counterpart is the powerful break up Anthem “Where Did I Go?” by U.K jazzy and soulful vocals goddess Jorja Smith.

Stayed tuned for more collabs with Miziwab to curate more playlists, album reviews and selections from our vinyl guru Eat Records. Give a listen to Wide Eyed Lovers- we're sure you'll agree that this is the soundtrack to your summer.

Wide Eyed Lovers Playlist